Starter products in Ecuador


Hey, I live in Ecuador, I want to know if ANYONE knows about what kind of products (soil, fertilizers, nutrients) can I buy here?
And obviously, if anyone know about any advice –about germination, growing, harvest, whatever– it is welcomed! Thank youuuuu


can you access amazon . com in Ecuador? They have just about everything you would want.


Is Amazon supported in Ecuador?


Could you tell me in detail, what do I have to buy in Amazon please?



That’s kinda a hard question to answer, as there’s many different methods.

Have you read about growing?
Do you have an idea of what you want to do?


@dumme yeah… But I have no experience… I made a MG grow out of a seed that I found in a bag, It came out to be male but I still have it… The thing is that I bought 3 diff types of seeds right now, Chocolope, Super Silver Haze and OG Kush FEM, I am just germinating 1 seed of them, the SSH, and it is doing good on a piece of cotton… I want to know if there is a chance of growing MG in a 5 gallon flower pot by just watering them, giving some fertilizer or something but not so complicated… I can put my flower pots in my garden and they receive 12 hours of GOOD sun… So I just want to know if there is a way of making this simple… And If I have to buy some toys (hahahaha) like soil, fertilizers, nutrients, I want to know which ones are the best…
Also I want to ask if you know what is the BASICS to grow MG? I have heard of measuring the PH, and so on, so… Can you help me somehow?
Thank you!


I would suggest you download Robert’s grow bible. It’s free and has most of the information you need. After reading that you will have a better understanding and then can fine tune what works best for you and the method you like best.

Robert also has blogs that you will find very helpful at the main ILGM site.

Good luck with your first grow.


You do not need anything special to grow in EC. And also, check the rules for importing plant foods and fertilizers.

I live in Guayaquil. I have plants growing outside and have been outside since week 6.

I veg the plants for 6 weeks 24/7. At week 6 I transplant to a 20cm container and put it outside on the balcony. It gets a little direct sun but usually something like NYC with lots of overcast. Don’t worry about the heat (25 - 35 c)

Food for them is available in Megamaxi, Wiki or local nurseries. Follow basic NPK guides. You do not need anything special to begin. I have made a few changes to my original food. But I use out of the box foods.

12/12 in EC is with overcast and lots of lights at night. So get the plants adjusted to lots of light so they will ask for it when moved to the outside lighting periods (veg 24/7 for 4 to 6 weeks).

The baby is 4 weeks old. The larger is 10 weeks and will begin to flower soon.


Ecuador also has Mercedes dealers and we have airplanes that can carry us around the world. We do not ride donkeys anymore though they are available in the mountains as they are in eeuu.

There is not much that isn’t available in South America or Central America that is not available in eeuu.

I order through alibaba, ebay, amazon, bhphoto, etc.

Usually shipping is via USPS International Air.

Some silly manufacturers such as Apple do not ship outside eeuu. But most stores on Amazon will. So we buy apple products from Amazon or other sources and have them shipped to a shipping firm to send it to us. No big deal. We also get overnight shipping.

In some situations we change the IP address to get data in english. When in eeuu sometimes it is best to change your IP to another country to see what is really happening around the world with the cannabis industry.

The usa is not the only country in the world that is “modern”.


It is very safe to ship to any country in South America. Usually shipping is fairly priced. But go to Amazon and look at the shipping rates…customs rates etc. NEVER BELIEVE THAT TRASH. NEVER PAY IT.

For instance, a $7.00 item from Amazon might indicate it costs $75.00 to ship. That is not true. That is horrible and should note even be indicated. Anyone that pays that fee is a fo0l.

You can use free shipping from Amazon and Ebay and others to ship to a “mail/package transport service”. They charge buy weight or item. Cheap. Alibaba rates are cheap also and many items available on Ali are on Amazon for much more. Same product. Example, Anker products and even grow lights! Good grow lights equal to “California Lighting”.

At last resort, someone will travel to eeuu and bring back items…duty free.

So, don’t believe what you hear about SA from your local news or the CIA reports. Lies.


I don’t use anything from eeuu (usa). I have lived in EC for almost 8 years and I have not returned to the usa. And have no desire!

Weed grows everywhere and doesn’t need Froggie or other chemicals to do it. I use stuff right from the local supermarket and my weed is fine. A few friends that come here expect to get good weed during their visit. It is readily available too! I have 9 different strains available and there has never ever and will never be a complaint.

My weed samples have been tested for CBD, CBN, THC etc. I even grow some “Original Colombian” with THC levels above 20%. It’s not magic, it is nature. Anything weed that can be grown in eeuu can be grown here 12/12 lighting too.

Recently a friend from Ventura, CA visited. He has grown weed for over 40 years. Mangos grow wild here! We have a Mango Weed Strain that will knock your socks off! It is sweet, colorful and tastes like Mango…not “sorta like Mango”.

Weed grows great here in the city of Guayaquil. Typical outdoor street light and probably more than in the states.

If you live in an area that has lots of night lights try vegging for 24/7 for 4 - 6 weeks then transplant into a nice container which dictates the size of the plant you are desiring to grow.

Ecuador grows fantastic roses that are shipped worldwide. Even to the usa. And those same flower farmers grow some fantastic weed.