Started seeds too early

Welp, I screwed up. Start germinating seeds too early. Thought the weather would have turned by now but it’s still averaging low to mid 60s during the day and high 40s to low 50s at night. Plan was to germinate and get a few weeks ahead indoors by taking plants out during the day and supplementing with a little extra light at night. After 3 weeks or so, plant permanently outdoors in 15 gal pots.

I’ve only been able to take them out a few times during the day up to this point. Guess I was too excited to get started and thought it would be a warmer spring like last year.

Contemplating what to do with my GGA which is now about 16 days above soil. :thinking:I have a couple other seedlings that are about 2 weeks behind that might be ok.

Seems like my options are to:
A: buy another cheap light to supplement the cheap light I’m currently using and hope it gets me through another couple weeks. Hopefully she doesn’t flower and can be transferred to the 15 gal without incident. I don’t really have a desire to buy a nice grow light since I don’t plan to grow indoors beyond a seedling (I don’t have the space)
B: try to give it another week inside then put it outside permanently and hope for the best. Maybe buy one of these greenhouse-like covers to keep the wind and rain off at the very least.

C: start over

Lesson learned.

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Time to go outside.

I can’t believe you’d rather start over then putting them outside because it might get down to 40 degrees at night. As long as there is no chance of freezing you are all set. They will have all summer to do their thing and will be ready for harvest in mid to late October.

There is less then 10 hours of night now so you don’t have to worry about them flowering too early.


@CMichGrower yeah starting over is last resort. This is my first outdoor grow and I was reading that these temps are too cold. Plus, since they’re autos with short veg duration It’s not good if they get stunted. No risk of frost, just chilly. Currently at 14 hours of daylight according to the time and date website, going up to 15 hours at the solstice. You don’t think the temps will kill it?

Are these photos are autos?

@The1stTimer it’s a Gorilla Glue Auto. I do have a northern lights photo a couple weeks behind, but I’m not so concerned about that one.

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What kind of light are they currently under atm and is there a reason you use 15g pots for a auto i wouldn’t use more than a 5g pot for autos but thats me lol


Yeah, don’t start over, my shiz was outside as seedlings in March in my greenhouse with no supplemental light, and it was frosting up until like 3 weeks ago. If your plants arent seedlings they can handle the cold, and they don’t need 78 degree days right off the bat anyways. Like another post said, they will have all summer to do their thing and get 8 feet tall.


You never know I used to roll on my porch and just toss the seeds until I saw seedlings in the morning frost one day. Had a rough grow but still pulled 5 oz.

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@The1stTimer cheap Amazon LED (see below). Seems to be working well up to this point but I’m also using it on a seedling and it won’t be enough for long. 15 gal since I was hoping it’ll get big and I’m growing in organic super soil.

Ha! Maybe these plants aren’t as fragile as we make them out to be?!

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Autos have the ruderalis gene that makes autos, autos. The gene is from cold difficult climates where there is a very short growing season. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, they’ll do just fine.

I mean there’s a science vs nature discussion , but you would be surprised. Not sure who it was but there’s a journal about a guy that ripped his plant out by the roots and threw it in a closet a week later he put it back in soil with some root restorer and he harvested that plant later.

Awesome. Thanks for advice! Going to start hardening off and move it outside permanently in a week.

Those lights aren’t gonna get ya much further imo id toss them outside let the sun do its job also 15g for a auto I don’t believe to be necessary id go with a 5gal pot if it was a photo absolutely a 15g for outside


Transplanted to its permanent home outside. Slipped right of the pot with no issues or apparent root damage. Decided to put it in a mini pop up greenhouse it give it a little shelter from the persistent spring rain and wind. Thanks for the advice everyone