Started my veg hydroponic system today

Learned a lesson last night.

If your water pump and outlet are below the waterline of your grow receptacles, make ABSOLUTELY sure that you water pump has an internal check valve and that it works. If not, and you lose power; your water will flow backwards into the reservoir. And if your reservoir is smaller than your grow receptacles, it will overflow.

If the pump doesn’t have a internal check valve, buy and install an in-line one. $8.99 at lowes.

It will drain backwards until the water level is equal to the hight of the supply line…

Oh yeah, that’s exactly why I used a low flat 27gal tote for my res. Water level is 100% controlled by gravity. I know myself and will absolutely wait until equipment failure to repair or replace. :sweat_smile: oof.

Sorry to hear it though, glad it sounds like you’re all sorted.

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I use 2 55 gallon totes for the grow receptacles and 1 of the same totes for the reservoir. I have about 45-50 gallons in each grow receptacle and keep the reservoir about half full. That math is not hard to do.

I should have verified that the check valve worked 100%. I just bought an in-line.

And thanks, I did get it sorted quick.

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I have 3" return. No way that’s getting clogged.

Man you’re just inviting a giant root monster to clog your ish. Lol.


Well, it’s outta control.

I gotta prune these things way down. Any advice?


Have you already flipped them to 12/12?

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Nope. Not ready for that

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Get cropping. Truly. I had to do the same thing right when I flipped one of my girls to flower. She went straight for the light. Supercropped like 4 stalks. She’s hugging my lights again. :man_facepalming:t3:

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Yup… just did it yesterday. Hydro is like 10x faster than soil. I was not prepared. Lol

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This is my first ever attempt at a hydro grow I have 5 buckets set up with air system bubblers I’m using advanced nutes 3 part micro - grow- bloom I changed my water out after 2 weeks. I veged for 4 weeks because they were loving wat was hapinin now during flower I changed every week. I’m in week 8 flower now and they really haven’t been drinking much so I decided to just top up buckets. Prolly took 5-6 litres to top up. So o will monator until next scheduled water change day.


Are you flowering them in a room - no grow tent? I’m sure you know this - but they will triple in height when you go to 12/12 - they will stretch at least three separate times during flower and running out of room between the plants and lights sucks at the end. Good luck with them - look really healthy!!