Started my veg hydroponic system today

Here is my reservoir. 55 gallon tote.
With this pump.

It pumps up to the first tank. 55 gallon tote with 8 - 6" net pots.

These is a 2" connector in-between the first and second totes. The second tote is also a 55 gallon tote.

There is a 2" drain in the second tote that flows back into the reservoir. The drain is fed by a vertical tube that levels the water in both tanks about halfway up the net pots.

Still looking into a chiller…



@Myfriendis410 i think got the 1/2 HP one it was only a little bit more for twice the capacity.
Looking good in there!


I recently got a pretty good deal on a ActiveAqua Hydro Culture. I got the 1/10 but my grow is half the volume of water as yours. Been really impressed that it was not that much to run $ wise and it had no problem holding 68 degrees in an hot garage in summer… I really like your set up - but you might pull very 3rd cup - if they grow too much into each other it is hard to keep the moisture/dew off them in my experience - even if you control the humidity in the grow tent. :handshake:


Thank you. The plants will not stay in there but a couple months. Just part way through veg state. If I have to trim them I will… Then they will be transferred, via net pot, into a 5.3 gallon pail system with much more spacing in-between each plant. And they will not be in a tent, but in my milk house.

*the tent is also inside my milk house.

I have to build that system after my soil grow has run its course.


Thank you!

This hobby is like my boat!

Boat = Break Out Another Thousand


I’m also using the 1/10hp. Running somewhere between 35 and 40 gallons through it at fairly high speed. It was $300 from a shop in CO. $45 to ship it (could have gone and picked it up but who wants to drive 5 hours?)

Looking good @NYDon be careful with how fast they’ll get away from you though.

My 4x3 is a bunch of plants no more than 3 months old. Most around 2 months. It’s a certified disaster and the biggest offenders are the DWC plants.


Ok, if you don’t mind me saying so, it all looks great! Looking forward to following along.

I would highly recommend getting away from using the garden hose ASAP, if that’s a hose.
I had mine hooked up like that till I changed to black 3/4” tubing.

That garden hose is very porous and will allow algae and a build up of slime to grow quicker.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


It all looks great :+1: it’s all Greek to me though I’m just an old dirt farmer. I am looking forward to seeing all this stuff in action though… good luck :+1:


Good to know! I’ll change it out.


I spoke to Cody at Jack’s. He recommended that I change my solution weekly, but a minimum of evey 2 weeks.

At what intervals you you fine folks change your hydroponic solution?

I will be using Jack’s 321 program.


:sweat_smile: :flushed: change my solution? Nah. :rofl:

Honestly though I simply haven’t changed my water out. I top off my res as it goes but I have never done a complete swap.

Anyone else willing to share on solution change out?

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I’ll change mine out less often unless it gets dirty. Currently change it out about ever 10 days.

Clones went into the veg tent today. 10/20/2021

1290ppm - Jack’s 321
5.77 ph
Clay pebbles in 6 " net pots
16 gold leaf Feminized clones

The clones spent too much time in the clone king so they are a little starved.

@Hellraiser the cloner worked great. Thank you!



Great root development already - bet those take off. Is your water dancing?? And I always have my grow vessel filled to high - water two inches below the cups? Looking forward to watching this one :handshake:



Uh oh…My water is halfway up the cups.

I went by these pictures after gooooogling “water level for marijuana hydroponics”




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Waite for one of the other guys… But in my DWC hydro system - there needs to be 2 inches below the pots in the grow vessel to create space for air to get to the roots and I run several airstones to put oxygen in the water - water dances under the cup with bubbles. Again - wait for the other guys - yours might be a different set up.


This. I have between 1 1/2” and 2” between the bottom of my net pot. This allows your plant to grow air roots.


Drain out some of that before they drown. :wink:

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