Started my plants on 5.8ph but recently changed it


@Hogmaster hello people of the growing world!
Just a curious question im doing a hydroponic setup and i used water with 5.8 ph untill about a week ago then i changed it to 6.2 to see if it would change anything. Is that ok for the plants? Beacuse one of my other afghan plants is a little behind the other plant and i started them at the same time. Thanks


Are you in Hydro? If you are keep adjusting to 5.8…

Now soil is a different story.


Soil 6.3-6.8pH and 6.5 being the sweet spot


Yes yes sorry for not clarifying that


Just keep pHing to 5.8. Just because you have two weed plants side by side doesn’t mean they are going to grow at the same rate, and this is the same with any plant.

Ever gone out to buy a dog and the seller pointed out one to be the runt of the litter? The dogs all had the same parents. It could be that your smaller plant is not even growing slow butt that the other one could be growing fast. Over the course of the grow the little guy might become your larger plant. Keep pHing to 5.8 and don’t over feed and you will be just fine


Thanks i appreciate your feedback !


Yes stay at 5.5-5.8 for sure you can try they all react different


Thank you! Legit i had no idea i was just treading the watters. :slight_smile: considdering this is my second grow!