Started my grow on 8/26

Good Afternoon All,

I officially started my seeds in soil at 5pm on Saturday. Here’s the details…

I soaked 3 Blueberry Auto flower in water from 5pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. I am using 3 gallon smart pots. The top half of the pots are filled with FFHF and the bottom half is FFOF. I am using a 270W LED grow light.

5pm Saturday I took the seeds out of the soaking water and placed them in the soil.

For the past two days I have been keeping the soil most…spraying with a spray bottle about 2 times a day…


Awesome!! Looking forward to watching this grow progress.



Sounds like you’re spot on with the process. They should pop real soon!

You’re in for a ride!


So it’s been about 3 days. So far I am using a spray bottle to gently water, the temp seems to be a steady 70 degrees, the RH is also holding at 70 which is a little worrisome. Out of the 3 plants, so far one seems to have sprouted with the seed casing still on. Hopefully the other two aren’t far behind.


I’ll be following, best of luck! You can do it!

I had good luck germinating the seeds until there is a visible crack in the seed with a little of the white of the root showing about 36 hrs then plant 1/4" deep in soil. I’m 2 for 2 on blueberry auto both sprouted the 3rd day.

Pic is at 2nd day.


Good luck man! I’ll be keeping an eye on your grow!

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Looking good so far! Happy growing! @gldeaton50

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Thanks Everyone! @gldeaton50 I checked this morning before work and the back plant has sprouted althought no leaves yet, just the brown sprout. I also saw another one that looks like is is starting to pop up. It looks as though the head of it is still stuck in the soil if that makes sense. Hopefully when I get home tonight that one will be standing up and the third one will sprout. When I soaked them in water, I only soaked them for 24 hours, I didn’t wait for a tap root or anything, I just followed the guide that said soak for 24 hours then plant…

Also I am on an 18/6 light schedule…


Glad to hear they are all sprouting. I think the 18/6 light schedule is fine but don’t place led light too close to the babies. Continue to treat them the same as before for a few days spraying PHed water as needed. Hope all continue to grow well.

I bought a PH meter that is pre calibrated, my water PH is 7.5…if I remember from science class 7 is neutral, what should the PH be of the water when watering?

My LED is about 10 inches away.

@dmykins Move light up to 20" and recommended PH 6.3 to 6.8 I go for 6.5 to 6.8 your right 7.0 is netural. I would check PH meter calibration anyway just to be sure. No nutes for at least 3 weeks FFOF has all that is needed.

Sounds good. I will move the lights up higher tonight when I am home!

One of the three sprouts…we have life!


So I started my grow on 8/26, all three seeds sprouted on 8/29 and this is how they look now. Is it time to water them with more than just a spray bottle? I have been soaking the soil fairly decently with the spray bottle, not just misting but watering it pretty well.

I have an intake fan and a small oscillating fan in there. My RH is 72 and my temp is 72…


Still just mist a few times a day to keep the soil moist. You don’t want to drown them now. You’re off to a great start!


Defintely don’t over water!

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These guys sprouted out of the soil on 9/1…how do they look so far?

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Anyone with any feedback on the above picture? They are in FFOF soil, when would I start nutrients?

Hard to tell under the blurple light. But the majority of people growing with ffof don’t seem to be adding nutes til they’re about 4-5 weeks in. If you’re monitoring ph and not under/over watering you should be fine.