Started LST and now questioning

Nice job :love_you_gesture:

I knew/know nutt’n…1st grow this century…
Looked up LST…got my pipe cleaners and new prune tool out and went to work.
My tent is only 28" square & 48" tall so the priority was to stay low & grow.

In our 7th week since the sprout…

Happy Hippie from the Sixties


Wow, that’s only 47 days? Here’s my GG at 56 days today. Looks like your buds are further along already.


I wouldn’t say too much difference, here’s mine about 10 days ago she’s also in a 1 gallon pot wanted to see how it did with a smaller pot just as an experiment lol. but she’s doing nicely, definitely has gotten more dense in the past weeks but still has time to go

Finishing times vary so much I wouldn’t worry about doing direct comparisons, I have 3 strains growing and even with one strain having 3 plants all 3 of those plants are at different development stages even though they are the exact same ago and 100% same environment. Yours looks very healthy and happy so all in all she’s doin her thing!

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Yep, those look further along than mine. 7 weeks and only just started flowering. But seems like first pistils were over 10 days ago. Slow goer i guess. Maybe strain related.