Started LST and now questioning

Hi, First time grower AND poster. SO, the strain is Blueberry x Big Devil auto (2@6wks and 2@5wks) in 3gal fabric pots and i have been tying them down since they could reach the edge of the pot. From there, ive continued tying the top around to the left, keeping it at pot level. (Started showing their sex about 1 week ago.)

When i look at others LST pics, the plants still have vertical height, whereas mine are low and bushy… So have i fudged up? I thought i was supposed to continue tying it down around the pot. Ive been constantly pampering them by tucking leaves and giving the best possible light to the other bud sites… But the only grower I know, told me that ive likely stunted their growth and will get less of a yield… and advised not tying them down anymore and just let them be.

So if i fudged up, where did i start going wrong with tying down and whats your thoughts on how to proceed? And before it might get mentioned that first timers are advised to not try LST on autos. To quote from Fear and Loathing, “Yeah, I know im guilty. I understand that. I knew it was a crime. I did it anyway.” lol :wink:

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One more pic of the main one from underneath.

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There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing you just need to start pulling some limbs back the other way and finish filling up the pot diameter … you will have multiple new growth that will start shooting upwards… it’s gonna make a fine plant don’t worry… you’ve done great so far getting her where she is now he’ll be proud of yourself watch some videos and learn ask question good luck


I wouldn’t prune anything right now… those secondary limbs will start reaching for the light and out grow those big sucker leaves… have faith you’re doing great :+1:

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Training them to be low and flat is a common and recognized method. Some use the term Fluxing or Flux to describe it. I used it in conjunction with a circular pattern (following the rim of the container) on this Jacker Herer auto. Note, the use of staples makes the technique much easier and more effective to employ.

It is barely 6" tall

Six days later. Filling in open spaces like @Coonass mentioned by bending branches.

A different example. This is a photoperiod plant that is mainlined / manifold. It is low and flat - fluxed.

I like using this form


Yes sir they looking sweet how old is the auto

@beardless what’s up bro I didn’t even look up and see who was posting until just now lmao i was admiring those plants …:rofl::rofl::sunglasses:

Thanks to you AND Beardless. Its probably laughable, but ive been bothered by that big dirt gap and wondering how that would work out. Now i understand that it will fill up by pulling back the secondary limbs. Ahh i see now… Question, do i want to tie/post the secondary limbs to a certain height; or allow height and only guide them in a backward direction? I know i should try to keep the main cola at the same height as the others, but i guess thats dependent on how i control the secondary limbs.

And to Beardless, THANK YOU for those pics. Beautiful examples of what I’ll be aiming for in the future. I shall be referring to them alot.


You’re doing great Growmie and and great stuff from @beardless. LST won’t stunt them being non evasive unlike HST could and sometime does. Here a Sour Diesel similar to what Beardless posted :love_you_gesture:


Those are the perfect examples if i say so myself… it doesn’t get any better than that imho @TheObserver1 word to the wise listen to these 2 guys take notes study what they do and when they do it and you will go far…:muscle::muscle::muscle:

It’s likely got a lot of stretching to do. Here’s and example. The smaller pic was June 9 and the bigger pic is June 16, and I have tied down the limbs.


They look good in my opinion! Better than my did when they were that small, this is her at 5 weeks, just over, and only my second real attempt at growing

This last week or so she’s started gaining some height all over the place! So anytime now yours should do the same, mine is auto also, and estimate about 5 weeks left minimum but some can go on for longer, you have plenty of time buddy


And this was her at about 3 weeks :rofl: I was thinking similar as you, “why does she look so pathetic :weary: compared to others!” Then within a matter of a week or two they explode!


It looks great here’s a before and after of my GG auto from when she started at about 20 days compared to day approx 47

And she’s only in a 1 gallon pot


Im not exactly sure of reply options to multiple specific users at once, so ill just click like and say thank you to those who replied. Those pics are great!

I just did another training session with the main girl from the other pics and thought id post a before/after. I turned down the top and started pulling back the secondary stems. I swear it looks like an accident scene after training, but she pops back every time.

QUESTION: Do i continue to restrict the height of the secondary stems to the level of the pot also? And when should i stop trying to keep any/all of the growth down?

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Ok, im confused as how to choose the order of my pics when posted. Anyway, to be clear, the top pic with the accident scene is AFTER and the pretty girl is BEFORE.

My main goal with training was to keep the main top at the same height as the secondary tops, if needed continue to keep the main top down and let those secondary tops stay approx the same height to break that atypical Dominance, I had one that the main top didn’t want to stop competing and I turned it and ran it along the edge of the pot finally got the secondaries to catch up and they all evened out nicely, it’ll fill out nice in the middle with new nodes

Yes it always looks like an accident scene after pretty much any kind of training lol but they make up for it :grin:


As long as you need too brother, I feel like mine is going to be need to kept tied down as she’s soooo bushy and I don’t wanna defoliate too much as I get paranoid about that with autos :rofl: so I’ll keep mine tied down just so the branches and colas aren’t too close together at the stage I’m at now, I don’t think I need to necessarily tie down any more, just maintain space between colas, when you start to notice the stretch and the gaps between, you’ll understand and be able to see what needs done

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I’ve defoliated at least 2-3 times I just do about 10% of the leaves and give it a few days it didn’t seem to slow any of them down this was right after a 10% defoliation of all the plants, can’t even tell I did it lol

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You wouldn’t believe me, my main cola, and one of the second node branches are the same height :rofl: