Started in peat pellets

I am new to indoor growing my seeds are strawberry kush. The peat pellets have a netting around it can I put it in a pot with netting or do I need to remove it

Never used them but I’m sure they are designed to be left on. Roots should grow through them

Remove the netting when transplanting, it will keep the roots packed in there if you don’t.

Major roots may push thru but the others wont


thanks I’m thinking the same cut it off. I just never did this in the '70 we put in ground. Now its time to start growing indoors looks like a blast

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I hate those things.

I would score all the way through so they come apart as the roots push outward.


I didn’t have great luck with them either. But I agree that you’ll want them opened up one way or another

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4 days

My wife used those once, they become quite rootbound pretty quickly. Ours start out like a puck then expand to about that size.

Only use on the potted soil plants, have since switched over to aerogarden pods for everything, they allow for excellent root growth

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You think Pharmer if I cut off netting now and put in soil it might work out better

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So this is my plan I’m going to remove the netting and hope roots will hold peat togather and move to a pot then give it some outdoor sun now that heat wave is gone


So I started a strawberry kush seed I have a tag root 1/4 in instructions say root down in soil. But I am seeing some growers say root up some input please thanks

Root down. If you go root up it will hit the surface and air prune itself. You want that root down so it pushes the top up and out.

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Thanks Jbum
My seed tag seems to be growing fast in the water I want to get it in soil fast

If it’s a jiffy pellet that netting is designed to deteriorate when you transplant it. It holds the soil in the pellet shape.
My seedling is only 4 days old and the root has already grown through the bottom of the pellet. I was not expecting it that soon. I think I may have damaged the root by trying to check it out with a finger nail. Broke the tip about 1/8th of an inch. Tomorrow going to transplant to a jiffy pot

The one in the back ground is almost 2 months old and has been through hell…earthquake caused light to fall on it and broke the stem. I cut almost 2 in off the stem and been treating it as a clone

When to transplant

Miracle grow soil? What I can get right now. Hoping to transplant for outdoors in pots at some point but weather in Massachusetts isn’t cooperating yet!

Before transplant remove that netting. It don’t degrade as they claim. When I cut my girl down most of the netting was still there. Also don’t use peat pots…same reason. This was after 6 months.
As for miracle grow, it is not good for marijuana. I have read any time released fertilizer is not good either. You can order almost any kind you want. I don’t recommend any build a soil products. What I do recommend is nectar for the gods #4 or #8 soil. The only difference between the 2 is #8 has 50% more perlite.


@Lau2 this is what happens when you go from peat pellets to peat pot to 5 gallon cloth pot. The roots do not develop properly. My plant was 7 months old when I cut her down

have very healthy plants at 2 month

Sorry, but I have to disagree. 6 of my 8 plants that I just pulled were started in the pod w/netting. 6 of the plants were stunted and when I pulled them the netting was still intact around the root mass…it was very obvious that the roots were bound up in the netting…wont use them again!