Started in Nov... Almost there. WW Auto's

Some yellowing of the large fan leaves but overall there will be a decent harvest. The short fat one in the middle will be done first. I picked up a smaller tent to dry it in while the others finish up under the lights. First time putting 3 in the 2x4 tent. Had to add a second filter to keep the aroma down. I am not sure if I fertilized to often or not often enough. I am using the Bergmans diluted per the instructions but the instructions can’t tell me how often. R.O. water was given between feedings. I fed them about every 6 days. The tall ones are to close to the light but I can’t change that now.




Looking good

stay golden …


Beautiful growing!

Wow! Nice grow :v:



You got it, which was from Robert Frost

Robert Frost?

A poet, playwright 1874-1963

This one is in the books (I mean ball jars). The third one took forever but it came out just fine.