Started growing White Widow Auto and Gorilla Glue fem. My journal



What’s your Ph?


6.2 6.3 in 6.2 out yeaterday


6.2 is a little low, so they definitely have nute lockout. Like I said, they’re close to harvest and you don’t really want to start feeding them now. Do you have any harvesting plan?


no, i am thinking i have 2 more weeks since no ambers


If you’re mostly cloudy now then you’ve got about two more weeks, they’ll be fine, don’t worry. You want to start flushing all the nutes out of the soil now anyway.


ok… what ph in?


Just water at 6.5 for the next two weeks. They’re going to get their fall colors, don’t worry about it.


@jt123 @raustin has you covered correctly. She’s right. And the changes do start to happen quickly. At this point, you’ll see a nitrogen deficiency first as nitrogen is no longer needed, and the stores are consumed. The fan leaves will be the first to go.


If your reading 2700 ppm your pptrillion 2,700,000 2.7ppthousand


so… 2.7 ppt is parts per trillion or parts per thousand?


Ummm pretty sure its per trillion. Watch that


If its per trillion then the tds is not as much as ppm . i thought that when it got too high it would be in a decimal… 2.7 if it was ppthousand then it can still be displayed as a whoile number???


I have no idea man. Yea ud see insane EC numbers of it were that high


You’re marking perfect sense to me.


i do not have an ec tester :frowning:


Well :poop: man. :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5: @Niala help me out here :joy::joy:


can anyone give me an idea how much longer before i harvest. white widow auto. been flower since 10/15. these are pics from 4 girls

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All too blurry to say. If very few clear, and mostly cloudy, you should be flushing her already. Few weeks maybe.


been flushing for a week. they were all cloudy… i think i only see very few amber if any… i know its way too fuzzy to see clear. i have a good cam coming on friday… im just wondering how much longer… as I said, it is ww auto and started to flower 10/15. are they 8-9 weeks flower or im guessing some go longer some less?