Started growing White Widow Auto and Gorilla Glue fem. My journal


After 22 gallons it should be near zero… do u know the ppm or ur water(empty)? Then of the water with sledgehammer? Each flush it should drop more. Although i think u was in the ppt (trillions) so was super high


Excellent, you did good. Now you can feed her.


Hahahaha. I had forgot about that part. Thanks. Yea food might help


the ppm was 140 plain and 220 with SLEDGEHAMMER going in. yes ppm on 1 qas 2700ppm or 2.7 ppt


when do you think i will see the leaves back to normal or wont i?


Nope. Those bad leaves will stay ugly. Sorry… but any new growth should be fine. Thus why ‘fix all issues before flipping to flower’ and if ur in flower mishaps can be deadly if not correctd quick enough

Wait… discoloration doesnt fix. Wiltd leaves will definitely perk back up.


What @raustin and the rest said. She looks deficient because the ph wasn’t allowing the uptake of the nutrients you were feeding her :v:


but the bad looking girl had runoff of 6.5 and tds of 960 ppm… the better looking one had ph runoff of 5.7 and tds of 2.7 PPT… total opposite of how they look


Do u have anyway to check the calibration of ur pH meter? Are u possibly as ocd as me and feed/water/pH ur girls in the same order?


Hahahahaha… YUP!!! i did calibrate it at 4.0 and 8.0.


Yes the good one was drinking a lot of water so it makes the ph go down. when it’s looking for nuits it’s locked out of it try’s to substitute it with what it can get and not uptakeing water and makes ph go up or even stay the same if it was a full lock and salt bound up it was just going in and out other side lol sry I’m stoned don’t know if it’s marking sense


it’s not. lol. try again in the morning please. lol


ol guys. im 6 weeks into flower ww auto. all was good yesterday. watered and fed. today… this is what my leaves look like…off of 2 girls and there are more like it 50 % has become like these…HELP !!!

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You’re six weeks in to flower, so she knows the end is near. You’ve got lots of deficiencies ie, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen because she’s eating herself. This is completely normal in late flower it’s time to start flushing her anyway.


I fed her yesterday and all was good… in 24 hours this is what happens??? these are the 2 that i gave big bloom and bud candy, etc to. Will a flush correct this at all right now?


and… all my tricomes are just cloudy… no amber at all… any way this is over abundance? and my other 4 who flowered earlier and look much more advanced are perfect???


Raustin knows her stuff. I agree they show a lot of deficiencies. Just because your other 4 are ok doesn’t mean much. Not every plant will need the same food. Sometimes one is much more aggressive growing and needs extra. You have to treat every plant as an individual.


I know @raustin is very very smart at this… but… this happened in 16 hours… does that seem strange to you?


That seems a bit fast for it to have happened. But plants can change quickly.


Yes, that’s a bit fast for it to happen. Can you post a pic of the whole plant.