Started growing White Widow Auto and Gorilla Glue fem. My journal


The bud u need a lot of megnafi the sugar leafs that are super close to bud is fine lol they look good and you don’t add manganese it’s in everything you add just adjust the ph to 5.8 for flush and it will be fine you don’t need to add anything


thankyou. i have 2 gorilla glue fem growing in other tent that poped 9.28. i still have them in veg. i am going to switch to flower when i harvest this white widow


oh well. too late… hahahah… so that was my problem you think… drop ph to 5.8 once a week or 2 weeks???


Put it to 5.8 till you harvest


I retract you got some time it looks like on other buds them top trics I see alot of amber but your bud density is on contrary


For them to put weight on u want potash and phosphorus that will fatten them up nicely


so i want like a 0-5-5 fertilizer


Not really you still want all elements present and your plant will use what it needs you just dont want a ton of nitrogen right now u need some but not a ton something like this


thanks man


Yea of course dont hesitate to tag me in any q?s u have in the future I’m on and off all day so I’m fairly quick to anwser


good to know. how long have you been growing? this site is the best. talked to so many nice helpful people


Growing weed sporadic here and there this is first serious indoor grow well going on second now I have a environmental science back ground and I ran an exotic fruit tree nursery for 5 yrs and I propagate orchids as a hobby


Never cut out nitrogen just lower dose the potash and phosphorus u want to up at this point


So as you might be able to see… I have 1 beauty…big buds 6-8" the other behind it is average with solid nuggets, she actually flowered first and is 1 day older… I have 2 others with 1 or 2 larger buds but 1 has nuggets and the other has small flowers as do the other 2 girls… nothing big or solid as the other. Any idea? They are all within a week of flowering at the same time. Flower started 10/15 - 10/20. Dont you think I should have solid dense buds or nuggets? Any idea what to do. I have been feeding it Bud ignitor, Big bud, etc


Ok bud igniter is used for first 3 weeks to permote bud sights to grow after that u should be useing big bud or something along those lines for the carbs in it. Then the big bud is only for 2-3 weeks after that u would use a potash substitute for it to put the weight on I use to use overdrive it’s got a good amount of potash but more Phosphorus that is used for last two weeks of flower. And for flush I use a product called terpenes it helps get the gunk out of plant without adding other stuff


ok… but its says weeks 2-6 of flower???


That is what big bud is used for I never used it that long so I use it weeks 2-5 first 3 weeks it still In veg mode so that why you wait till week 2 but any longer then week 5 it’s losing on the carbs that products like big bud offer u need the carbs for min 3 weeks and 6 7 8 it’s you at a 12 week flower to get them fatter. The carbs need to be introduced sooner then later the plant will eat and fatten up fast if u get the carbs to her no later then week 5. When I used that line I did my own schedule and I introduced the bud igniter half dose in first week of light switch


Also… how often should i be giving them the nutes?? i was guessing around 12/10-15 i would be harvesting


I am only in week 6 of flower


Ok when’s the last time u changed water. Ok what nuit line you useing I probably used it at some point in my Career of growing and prob have a good schedule for you