Started growing White Widow Auto and Gorilla Glue fem. My journal


Thank you everyone for all the help before. Here will be my new journal for The WWA and GGF. I hope they turn out as good as my last grow, and with you guys helping me hopefully even better. Pics to follow


some pics…
White Widow Auto 9/15 just transplanted into 5gal fabric

White Widow Auto 9/16 just transplanted into 5gal fabric

Gorilla Glue Fem almost ready to transplant

White Widow Auto 9/14 just transplanted into 5gal fabric

White Widow Auto 9/12 in 5gal fabric

White Widow Auto 9/12 in 5gal fabric
White Widow Auto 9/12 in 5gal fabric
White Widow Auto 9/14 in 5gal fabric
White Widow Auto 9/11 in 5gal fabric
Gorilla Glue Fem waiting to be transplanted
White Widow Auto 9/16 in 5gal fabric
White Widow Auto 9/12 in 5gal fabric

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Those seedlings look like they are bit hungry to me. But be careful, autos don’t need strong nute feedings! Not an auto grower so wait for advice from some of those.


I’m all out of likes but I’ll be watching. Looks like you’re off to a good start and there’s plenty of help here.


Depends on what soil you are using whether you should feed or not


the seedlings are in organic seed starter soil…when transplanting to 5 gallon pots I use live soil and fox farm happy frog soil as per direction on live soil


Thanks for the tag @jt123. They look hungry to me too, but that could be either because they aren’t getting enough nutes, or your ph is off and nutes are being locked out. Can also be due to overwatering :v:


Which look hungry? The seedlings or the 2 big girls? The seedlings have been domed with 2 CFL 35w lights above at 78RH and 74 temp… they are started in Espoma SS16 16-Quart Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix. The water is 7.0 pH.


Get that ph down between 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being the target for most growing in soil


ok. will do. i didnt think it would matter as seedlings as the soil has organic stuff in there


Ph almost always matters :wink::v:


Yes PH is a huge factor in Veg and especially flowering


Ok… did a feed this morning… used great white for root development, sensi A & B grow, B-52 and Voodoo Juice… all at 1/2 quantities


@jt123 I use to use sensi A&B but switched to conusor A&B works much better then the sensi did that’s what I noticed. Also if your growing organic then y the chem nutes I think the hydro store might have something a little better for organic growing. I think Mattybear does the organic and I think the tea recipe he had did everything the chem nutes you are useing do and formes the Benfit microbs you need to keep ph in ck but I think it was him if not I’ll try to find the tea recipe on here and repost it for you to look at


im still learning and experimenting. i think the gold leaf got nute burn because i didnt flush before i flipped. I just ordered the new gelato… curious how that is… Have you ever grown the gold leaf or white widow auto?


@jt123 I don’t grow autos due to I don’t care for the time it saves mine is personal use if I was selling it I would do autos for the shorter turnover


Question about felt pots… when done do you just refill them with new soil or do you have to wash them or just leave soil in them? any idea?


Id definitely wash them out. I haven’t grown in them. But u never wanna risk soil born diseases killing new baby girls. N also the salts tend to build up along the fabric. So a warm water soak then hose down should be done


I’m lazy. A nice wash on gentle cycle? LOLOL no soaps


Lmfao. Seems effective enough to me