Started flowering.... loosing leaves


Here’s a pic of the girls. They seem really happy.
I’m 10 days into flowering light.
There are 6 plants in 3 gal soil bags. 3 WW (white widow), 3 NL (northern lights)
2 x 4 x 80" grow tent. 2 - 1500w (290 actual watts) LED’s that are18" above the canopy. Temp 88. Humidity 50%. I’m using Flora Nova nutes and just switched to the bloom formula. I’m up to about 800ppm of nutes. The plants get 1/2 gal (1.9L) of liquid every other day. 1 water 3 times with nutes then 1 time just water then repeat. My question is. I’m starting to loose leaves on the lower 1/4 of the plants. The top 3/4 seem great. Is this just a function of the flowering starting and the fact that the canopy is really dense? Am i loosing sleep for nothing?


What do the leaves look like that are falling off?


They are mostly yellow… ish and dried up. I’ll take a pic and post it later.


That should be perfectly normal for this point in the grow. Bloom nutes are shy on N and the plant is consuming some older fan leaves. Just let them go until the plant releases them.


I dont think this early in to the flip its normal. Towards the end of flowering maybe if you want to taper down. But if you’re losing them as soon as you begin flowering, wont be good for bud development.


Sounds like they are not getting enough nitrogen from the bloom nutrients. Nitrogen needs to be lowered for bloom but still has to have it’s presence. Just what comes to mind.


Based on the overall appearance and the dense canopy I think it’s normal to start losing some of the big fan leaves; happens to me about 2 to 3 weeks in after the flip.


Good point, that is one dense canopy. If light doesn’t get through, the bottom leaves should die off faster than normal. Great suggestion.


Are you saying you add nutes 3 waterings in a row then one with just plain water?