Started flowering, can I fim or top?

A question from a fellow grower:

I just put my plants into flower, can I still fim or top them, I haven’t done it yet, they are White Widow Plants.

No, I would not advise to. If the plant is to be topped, give it a chance to recover and begin growing again before switching to flowering.

I think I spoke with the owner of this question in a different thread, here somewhere, I couldn’t find it to link or move it though. But yes normally would want to finish all training and topping about at a minimum a week before starting flowering, however I do know some people that top or pinch a few bud sites right at or very shortly after starting the flowering light cycle and they do get gnarly double or more weird growing buds from that site, I don’t necessarily see any improvement in overall size or yield though. Just two or three or maybe more kind of small buds, all adding up to about the same size, compared to some of the maybe larger single un-pinched/topped buds nearby.