Started Again, Being More Careful

Killed 3 plants, learned, started back with one. This one made it farther, and I was just hoping for a 2 week old check up - how does she look? New growth is green, but some leaves curly/almost upside down. Thanks!!


Hello there
Looks like your plant is searching for light.
You might need to lower your light a bit closer…
What type of light are you using and how far above your canopy is she sitting?


Windows block UVA/UVB light, works for some house plants but mj needs a lot of light. Grow outside or consider buying lights and a tent and grow indoors. Good luck :+1:


Thanks! As of today I started moving it out in the shade, couple hours. I’ll increase that each day then give some morning sun by the weekend. I know that light isn’t enough; just wanted to start it inside. Thanks for the feedback!


Like Dennis said windows block UVA and UVB rays. I learned about this owning two Marmoset monkeys.

Otherwise Skin Cancer would be so high the Medical Field would not be able to keep up.


She is looking for the light. How much have u watered? She looks really wet. Be careful bringing her back in and out for pests.

Soil looks really wet. Let it dry out some before watering again. When you start hardening her for outside, put her in direct sun for a couple of hours. She is already stretching looking for light, and shady areas don’t provide enough usable light. She will most likely continue to stretch.


We’re at 3 weeks and 2 days. I know the bottom growth is gnarly and she’s leggy, but I feel like the top is looking good? Advice for these next few weeks? She has been on from sunrise to sundown with other plants on my decks the last 3-4 days after some limited exposure. Potted in happy Monkey soil.

When you repot her I’d suggest burying her all the way up to the first set of serrated edge leaves. This will keep her stronger and sturdy, the nodes that get buried will shoot roots out making her a bit shorter and less likely to bend/break later.

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