Started a new grow this AM,i’m doing it outside in a Topsy curvy

It’s topsy turvy…

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Yeah I thought so my bad, thanks careg…

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Getting some good morning sun with clouds breaking away. I think it’s worth a shot at least maybe I’ll discover something new…

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All my seedlings in my life have never grown the way you guys have. They always behind I mean way behind I’ll have two or three nodes when you guys have 6 or 7 . Any ideas why… I’m not doing something right. What your thoughts on a grow tent kit with everything I need what’s a good price…

I’m using humus and horse manure soil, no nutes yet. I’m going to wait until 3rd week I got some dyno foilage and getting some dyno Bloom. I was thinking about playing with it and use multiple nutes and give it a real chance to let loose what you think about it…

I use a spare bedroom and a couple of led lights. All Fox Farm nutes and soil. Maybe one of the other scientists can guide you to a tent.


I’m all for experimenting!! I’m totally doing that on my grow

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I got to see this ! I’m thinking the buds are going to want to grow up twords the sun ?

This is going to be fun ! keep us posted
…need pics !


If it works in gonna do it. I have 2 of those just sitting.


I have been shopping amazon…you can get a 600w hps/mh light system,…24x48x72 grow tent, 440cfm vent fan with carbon filter…all for about $375… add in soil and water testers and you are right around $400…all of it has free shipping except the tent.


That’s a deal!!!

yeah, the prices are really good. Apollo horticulture has some great prices on grow light packages…I was looking at 600w MH/HPS (comes with one of each bulb) with the flow through cooling hood with xl reflector(basically the big one with the glass front)…ballast, timer, hanging ratchets…entire package for $169.99… low end tents that still have mylar Vs “aluminized fabric”…start at around $65…inline 6" exhaust fans with carbon filter are about $139…then $15 for flex hose… it can be fairly inexpensive to set up a decent little grow tent…I was looking at this light because I was gonna do winter grows… in the summer… Mars Hydro 300w lights are only $79,…so 2 of those would replace the hps and reduce heat… most of the growing related items also have discreet shipping,…plain brown box or amazon box.


@Oak …with a 600w I would get a 4 × 4 tent
-best of luck !

I’m going to post pics later on when I get a digital camera. They have just one set of leaves,just spouted this week. I’m wondering if my soil is to wet I’m going to check it tonight. I’ve found a grow tent kit with everything I need for 500 , should I keep shopping? Cause that’s a lot of stuff in that deal The light is a 400 hid sealed

And it comes with the ballast and nutes carbon filter and inline fans roof extension lots of goodies

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It also comes with a timer, fan speed control self cooled hood for light. Man I just don’t see any wrong with it. Just wish it was around 400, it’s a 3x3x 6.5 I was thinking about trying the fox farm dirty dozen nutes it looked so inviting. But the price is 100 dollars. Any thoughts on the humus and horse manure soil? If I’m going to invest that much money in the grow set up I want the best of everything I need I’m going to do this right hopefully… I haven’t had skunk since I was teenager

Hey I know you might be busy so no rush in getting back to me. I’m concerned about the Topsy tuvy getting to much water in it. Can I get root rot it’s gotta a hell of a drainage system on it little holes all around the bottom of it hole in the middle of it with a sponge in it I was able to move it back a few inches now just the outta rim is in direct water flow from my roof . I’m just tripping maybe…

You don’t need all of the Fox Farm nutes at once. You can get 1 or 2 per week or every other week.

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Thanks for the info

Well it came up a flash flood I went check on my little ones, holy mackerel it was draining like crazy and they was two inches under water i took it down and help along with the drainage left it on the back porch. I think I’m just going to leave it on the porch when it’s raining, give it time to dry out some. Lol I freaked out j/s it scared the crap out of me when I seen them underwater