Started a new grow this AM,i’m doing it outside in a Topsy curvy

I’m growing it inward instead of letting it hang out the bottom. Still drain’s pretty fast, any advice or information on this type of grow would be great,thanks.

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This will be really cool to see do you have pictures??

This will be interesting. Post something?

Not yet just did this morning, but when I get a camera I’ll post some

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I will when I get a camera, keep you posted.

Not knowing what topsy curvy was I Googled it and it was a pleasant surprise !

…not The Upside-Down tomato thing, but the pornstar by that same name ! …there’s a reason her first name is Topsy ! :thumbsup:


Lol I got the 1 for tomatoes put seeds in with a 3/4 inch taproot this morning around 5…

male? maybe hermie?

It looks like a male, those are pollen sacks.

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yeah…sorry man… make sure its dead and gone before you start again.

Yeah sorry bro, just make sure the male is dead and gone so it can’t pollinate any new plants. Clean out the pot good and any equipment you used for it, and start fresh

soil Ph can be a big factor as well.

Some say you can make cannabutter or bubble hash from males but I wouldn’t bother

I don’t know what stress is it went through but that doesn’t look like it has any female to it at all ?

Try the Seedbank here, they have some awesome White Widow and I’ve seen good things with all their flowers, strawberry kush is nice they’ve got a bunch of autos and I’m going to try their new Girl Scout cookie this fall !
-good luck

Its a male

Well back to my Topsy curvy,1 seed popped soil this AM. It’s been raining every day night dog days lol. The drainage on this thing is awesome, I’m trying to decide if I should put it upside down into the bottom when the time comes. All the notes would be going straight to the roots and the plant almost hydro. Only thing is I have a lot of neighbors all the way around my house… And I found a grow tent kit with everything I need for 500 bucks

This was my grow journal thanks for jumping all over it…

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Thanks man I know , I’m just leaving it alone for now if it happens again I’ll say something…

Got two seedlings in the Topsy curvy now guess the other one popped yesterday or the day before. Been raining so much I couldn’t check it for a couple days. They seem to doing good, now if one or both could be a female that would be great…

Working with bag seed for now, just seeing what happens. Now they say it’s a 50 / 50 chance either way. I sure hope I’m in the 50 that’s female, I wouldn’t know what to do or what’s the best way to grow it. The Topsy curvy is out of the box thinking, trying to come up with growing ideas. I think it could amount to something least I have a good feeling about it… Happy Growing