Started a new grow, does this plant look healthy?

Hi All,
These are about a month old, some of them look good I think, but this guy is questionable. Anything look off on this plant to anyone?

Also - Does it look like I have to many lights in my tent?


you can never have too many lights unless you cannot control the heat they will produce…Hard to say if anything is wrong with the one plant, in my experience they can look funky but be ok and not really have an issue…watch and take note of what you are feeding her and her placement in your tent…is this the one closest to the fan by chance?

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Sorry I meant to add that these are grown from Blue Dream Feminized seeds I got from ILGM :slight_smile:

I’m a pretty new grower looking for any tips! I feel like all the grows I do always yield less than they should :frowning:

ok thanks for that. Its the front row middle plant in the grow room pic. That tube on the left is my AC vent, I have the AC unit outside the tent blowing the cool air in, and I have a fan on top inside tent sucking air out into a carbon filter that you cannot see in the pic.

Again, thanks at least I know I’m not bombarding them with light lol.

do you have a light meter or do you just hang based on height and heat on your hand

no light meter, never thought of that, Ill get one.

I just hang the lights a few feet above, and try to keep the temp around 70 degrees F.

i use the Photone app (free) on my IPhone and it works great. I have heard some Android users have accuracy issues but none for me…I had to pay $5.99 to unlock LED full spectrum mode…look it up it might be an option for you

@grower3 welcome to the community!

There are a lot of factors that go into providing the best environment for plants.

If you can in the future I would recommend not using those “blurple” lights and invest in a full spectrum led light.

Are you checking/adjusting the pH of your water before watering your plants?

It looks like you have a decent start, and they’re are other variables and nutrients that should be addressed to get you to a successful harvest.

Hello and thanks!

I have 2 of these for lights:

HIGROW 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

and also 2 of these:

MarsHydro LED Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum

I thought they were decent, I paid enough for them LOL

I do not check the water PH, I use water straight from the tap.
I guess I’ll check that also to be safe haha.

Alot of factors for sure! I have not started fertilizer yet, i was going to wait until they get bigger. That a good idea?


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It really depends on what soil/medium you aware growing in on when to add nutrients.

To adjust the pH of the water properly you will need a ph meter, they can be cheap or pricey, the cheap 20$ ones will work but they will not last long. If you start getting into the 100$ pH meters and you treat it well and keep it calibrated it can last you a long time.

I live my blue lab pH pen

The next thing when you start getting into nutrients you will need a TDS meter this will measure ppm/EC of the water.

When you add nutrients to water you want to make sure you did it right by checking the ppm/EC after you have watered you plants it is recommended to collect so of the run off water and test the ppm of it so you know your plants are getting what they need.

Your first pictures I only saw the blurple color is why I said something about the lights, sounds like you have the lighting figured out, I’ve heard multiple places that blurple lights are just not that great, glad to see you already have some full spectrum

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welcome to the community.

Welcome. Here is a helpful support ticket…


The one I thought had issues seems ok, but it is like the runt of the litter, very small compared to the rest.

I posted a pic of my water PH level after adding the nutrients in the other pic.

Anyone have any thoughts on the ferts Im using, or how the PH level looks? I think its in the 6.5 range.


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20, now that’s an adventure

lol I plan on dropping the 8 in cups in my outdoor garden this year. I have NEVER grown outdoors, so yes this will definitely be an adventure!

Im curious if the indoor or outdoor will yield more, I suspect the outdoor, but I suspect the indoor will be better quality. Cant wait to find out!

Hi Everyone
Can I get your opinions, does this guy look ok? Not sure if its me, but I think all of them are a bit droopy. This is a morning picture before I watered, going to water right after.

Anyway, can anyone tell if they look good?
Also - Would love to learn how to train then a bit, is it advised to cut off some of the large sugar leaves that are blocking the smaller colas?


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These pictures were taken before you watered? Not that I can really tell but the soil still looked wet/damp. When was the last time you watered?

3 or 5 gallon? Looks like 5

Do you know the pH of your water going in and coming out?

Yes taken before watering. I dont think the soil was that wet, the pot itself isnt very heavy like its muddy water.

The PH going in is around 6.5 - 7.0, I cant get the PH out because the pots dont really leak water.

Yes 5 gallons btw.

I water once a day lately, usually in the morning, so last time was yesterday morning.

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I believe you are over watering, you should be able to stick your finger in the soil to first/second knuckle and the soil be completely dry before your next watering imo

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Last time I was in soil and my plants were that size I was watering once about every 3 days