Start using DLI

I’m not familiar with the apps. Maybe I need to go through these apps and find out which ones claim to calculate DLI the compare it to my lux app.

In any case looking at the node spacing @Jake3 it looks good. I wouldnt give it any more.

If you do plan to transplant that again burry more of the stem those bottom leafs will fall off soon. But plant looks good.

You will get better growth at 78f

What are your settings on the app? Did you set it to direct sunlight?
@Bobbydigital I think tested this app and it needs to be set to direct sunlight with a piece of printer paper to be used as a diffuser (but maybe not any more updates?)

Looks like the app has a mode that will auto detect light temp. I’m going to see how that works on my 3500k w reds.
I’m not at home and may not be able to test this for like 3 weeks but I’ll try to remember

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Yep I use direct sunlight with a diffuser. That’s the setting that came the closest to the apogee meters.


I have had the app set to the spectrums for the Mars Hydro just to play around with it. The last time I used it was in the beginning of my last grow and it seemed to have served me well even if it wasn’t accurate. Lol. I’ll try switching it to sunlight and use the diffuser again to see what the change is.

When I transplanted this one a few days ago, I had buried it right to the coty leaves and the little stinker just kept growing up. And to raise my temps, I’ll try raising the light and turning it up. I don’t really want this one getting tall as I plant on making it as bushy as possible since it’s the only one in the tent. Thank you and thank you @Bobbydigital for doing the leg work to see what the accuracy is on the app!

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I would suggest using the lux meter (no diffuser) and wave form lighting convertions then comparing it to the DLI app. That way you will know if it’s accure.
I unfortunately won’t have time this weekend, 3 days at home and they are sooo fully packed between taking my girl on a date night out of town and dealing with a. Ton of errands whole still trying to squeeze in plant stuff!

You seem to have your focus on the right things and that will pay off I the end.