Start using DLI

I should mention that I used long cord between fixture and light so I could keep drivers outside tent. Cuts down heat in tent.


Most definitely remote mounted drivers.
Did the same thing with HPS ballast👍


Yeah it knocks 5* from my room temp.


Hey Nicky , finally combed through this thread, so what dli do you start seeds under? I started them at 4dli ( sprouted 3 days ago before I read how easy it was to get readings through photone) and started getting a little stretching from 1 plant so I cranked it up to 7 and I’ll probably crank it to 10 in a day or 2 if you think it’s safe


I know it was directed at Nicky but I run them at about 15-20 for seedlings


Like Bobby said I start at about 15 and read the plant, if it has more indica genetics the plant will stay shorter and be easier otherwise you may need to boost it to 20-25.

It’s all about how you plan to grow the plant, do you want stretch or not.
Baby’s we like to keep them short and stocky.

I had 3 grows hit my tent roof so I got tired of it and cranked it to 60 like asap, within 2 weeks.
They eventually adjust.

Watch the node spacing and adjust.

At least 15 for a seedling I find though


Kk thanks you 2 that’ll be about 40% on both of my hlgs lights, guess I was just being overcautious after seeing how many people burn their babies


I find it fairly hard to burn them to be honest, they eventually adjust even after a lot of leaf burn (as long as it’s not above 60 DLI and the light is at least 18" away, with Temps controlled.


@AAA @Nicky

I just heard back from John in Technical Sales Support at Apogee Instruments…today.

“We do have one active coupon at this time. The code is: bestcustomer and is good for 5% off an order made online via our website shopping cart.”

It’s only 5%, but 5% off $555 isss $27.75 savings… If that helps.

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Thanks for that.
It’s not a tool I’ll personally buy because I don’t feel I need it.
But I think @Low wanted one and @BobbyDigital has been trying to convince the wife.

Honestly if I bought one I would rent it out (with a deposit and a contract)


I wouldn’t mind one… The price I listed would be for:

I have a quantum meter off Amazon I have measured it against the Photon App… Hoping to get a read on how accurate my cheap quantum sensor is…Using my Microsoft Surface Duo and Android 10(unfortunately… A whole other complaint)… And things match up exactly.


No I went to buy one and they had an open one that we tested. When I tested it against the korona (photone) app I said never mind, don’t need it, lol


That’s what I said to once Hellraiser tested it after you already tested it lol.
I have a pareter it’s my 1200$ phone


An apogee… The in the cart in the Pic… Is 400-750…i know its a better range but before this thread the Amazon sensor worked fine… Afterall i grow only for personal.

Yeah then just use the app…


I know I tested the phone app against an apogee and there wasn’t a big enough difference to warrant spending $500 on it


@Fiefie920 I have that same quantum par meter. One of my friends let me borrow his Apogee a few months ago to compare them. Under brighter areas near the center of my fixtures they had almost the same exact readings. When I got closer to the outer part of the lights footprints, the accuracy of the quantum dropped a little bit. It was reading a little higher than the Apogee with the sensors right next to each other, and that stayed consistent all the way around the outside of the footprint. So, you can definitely trust the quantum readings directly under your fixtures, and figure your readings around the perimeter might be slightly lower than you’re seeing, by about 25 to 30 or so, that’s what I found.


Thank you very much… I truly appreciate the information and your help!

Happy new year!

My current grow is 2x BTY OG & 2x GSCE… I am totally amazed in the growth of the 2 BTY OG… I wonder if they are F1… I would so far recommend seeds from the clone conservatory out of San Diego. 12 feminized seeds cost $140…so far 100% germination success. With the uv and far red dialed in I can’t wait to add it to my collection of bud.


That would be a great idea! Would be great to rent one for a week or so. You could match wattage with light at different levels. You would be set if you made good notes!..


@whatbuddyboy everyday do the littlethings !