Start up time Let's get it craken

So seeds finally came in. only germanated two I figure this would be my trial and error run before I do anymore. I did one Granddaddy Purple and one White Widow they both germinated quikly and because they are autos I put them streight into their permenant pots and in two days they have pushed above the soil. So talk about having something to do while you are retired well, here we go this is awsome.


Yes Morph a novice also and retired. This will keep the Bain cells working for sure.


Definitely I’ve put my time in time to really enjoy life


Welcome to the community ! You will definitely enjoy growing these amazing plants. Good luck moving forward. If you need any help along the way tag a member @Morph with @ symbol .


retired here. second grow outside this year. All became dudes. Still had fun.

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yeah that sucks for sure. I just had my biggest and best prove to be male also… Amy Lee was ALBERT Lee and got the choppity-chop yesterday. Little heartbreaking as that is the one i had taken the TIME with, learning LST and other tactics in toppings/fim etc and it was going to be a MASS producer with 27 bud sites…oh well, educational experience at this point, lol :wink: Welcome and as others said, if you get a question or concern don’t hesitate to reach out. There are HOARDS of experienced growers here, in just about every tactic/method you can think of and someone will be able to give GOOD advice :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who have welcomed me to the community. I can definitely feel the love.I appreciate every bit of it. I will run updates as the progress. Stay tuned :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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