Start of week 7 ILGM GDP

Got my temps down to 80 with lights on, and 64 and night. Rh around 50%. What I thought was a potassium deficiency, was actually a PH issue that was causing the deficiency. Hopefully I caught that with enough time left. Being my 3rd overall grow, some more good lessons learned.
Not much purple yet, but they are still stacking and packing. Guessing about 2+ more weeks?!


Outta :green_heart:’s but that’s a pretty girl! Love seeing the GDP’s I have one in transition now!

Thanks man, hopefully she finishes strong

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Looking forward to a smoke report!

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After at least a 30day cure, patience will be key

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Looking good brother! Happy new year and keep up the good work

Thanks man, same to you! Looking forward to see how your ladies finish off

Cut them down and trimmed them up new year day. They are drying now

Real nice!

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