Start of week 4

My girls are in in the start of week 4 and I did some LST and I’ve seen some pistils see pictures and fed them half the recommended amount of nutrients cal-mag too 3ml/gal as to not over due the nutrients and my biggest one seems to have just stopped growing

Also my light is 18 inches away from the top but I’ve read 15000 lux is best for veg but I would have to lower it 6 or inches it’s a 600watt led I have fan blowing on them my lux are around 7000 if I lower it will I burn the ladies? I ph balance the water to 6.3-6.5 humidity is 40%-55% temps range from 70 to 75


Your light is fine and it may even be a bit close. Young plants don’t need a whole lot of light.

Lux (lumens) is irrelevant to your plant. Lumens are a measure of light visible to the human eye. PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) is what matters. PAR is a measure of light of wavelength 400 to 700 nm, which most LED grow lights cover.

Removing the large fan leaves early slows the root growth. Leaves feed the roots and roots feed the leaves. It will recover in due time but if its an auto it will probably be small.

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I see baby cotyledon leaves…its from seed.

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It’s not a clone autoflower gg#4 from a seed it started out raging in growth fan leaves where so big the lower plant was in all shadow all the time so I just cut them this morning too btw but growth seem to stop a day or 2 before the lst

I see now. It didn’t seem symmetrical without the fan leaves at first glance.

So what can I do next time to have her grow taller or stretch out more. This is my first time growing

Trying to imagine it with the fan leaves and I think its pretty big for three weeks.
I count 5 nodes at 3 full weeks,Thats pretty good
Im thinking it will be ok. It will take a few days to recover from the trimming.

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That’s before I cut them

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She should be fine in the end - just may take a little longer to mature. She’s got plenty of nodes. Let her do her thing for a week or two before you try any more training.

I only trim down below the fan leaves that are blocking light from reaching lower vegetation, usually leaving all leaves from the top 3 nodes.


Also when do I switch to flowering nutrients how can I tell by looking at my lovely ladies?

When I first start seeing pistils, I wait 7 to 10 days and then start my flower nutes. Right or wrong, I do not know, but it hasn’t lead me to any problems…


Roger that. Thanks everybody for you advice it’s much appreciated.

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