Start indoors, move outdoors complete procedure?

start indoors, move outdoors complete procedure? seeds (feminized, regular, autoflower). T5 48”x31” 8 bulb 432 watt 6500K. next to 4’wide x 5’high window sun side living room. house temp is set at 70F. ductless HVAC creates some circular air flow. outdoors will be full sun from 9am to 1 hour before sunset. oregon

  1. use JiffyPots for seeds to tiny sprouts (what type of soil?) Jiffy Organic Mix?

  2. put JiffyPots in 2 gal. fabric transplanting pots (what type of soil?)

  3. HOW LONG in time and/or HOW HIGH can these grow indoors?
    A. must i have a fan blowing on them at all times? can they get powdery mildew as small leaf plants?
    B. do i have to keep room humidity set? (low %?)
    C. is there a rule of when to start indoors and what day to move outdoors?
    D. is leaving the light on 24 hours from seeds to 2’ an option or does that mess up their cycle? i’d rather have them in the house the least time as possible so if leaving on the light 24 hours allows me to start in april and not march i’d prefer that.

  4. move outdoors into specially formulated cannabis soil in 100 gal. and 85 gal. fabric pots. a “new” employee at this gigantic organic soil company i’m getting told me not to use their soil for starts? she wasn’t really sure.

  5. not sure if autoflower starting indoors then move outdoors works well?

thanks for the help last year with the store bought clones purchased late, all outdoor grow. some got powdery mildew in oct, clipped those didn’t see any white in the harvest or dry. messed up a dozen things but still got what is seen in pic. thanks!2017octb


The Mendo boys grow like you, grow a decent size plant indoors and keep it in the vegetative state until it’s about 4’-5’ tall then Then move it outside in early spring and let it grow into a giant over the full growing season…

Check them out when you get a chance, it’s called the mountain project and you can find it on YouTube…there are like 5-6 episodes at this point…

I wished they covered the indoors part but they don’t, episode 1 picks up where they are moving indoor clones to huge smart pots.

They are musicians too…


@TDubWilly. Man , that is great, I never thought about that. Growing inside a few months during the cold months then moving them outside to become huge. I gonna go drop a few California dream seeds in water right now. Thanks1518410413121. That’s my inside plant at the moment


Np…watch all those episodes and see the size of the plants they grow…it’s not all in the size of the plant you grow indoors through the winter, but also the size of the pot you use outdoors.

Nice looking plant you got there

Thank you. Best hobby I’ve ever done. So relaxing

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@TDubWilly. Pot size is no problem. I just plant right in the ground. That’s what I did last year with some white widow auto and had pretty good luck. Just let ole mom earth take care of them. That and me giving them nutrient water every once in a while. I think this year I may dig the hole bigger and add perlite and maybe some coir. I’ll research before I move forward tho. Or if any outside grower’s know something, I’m all ears


This will be the first year that I grow anything outside so I will be learning from scratch myself

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@TDubWilly. Are you in a legal state? I’m not so I gotta guerilla grow. Actually, I’m in farm country and found a guy that looks the other way and would play dumb if need be. I’m not out planting 100 seeds so it’s pretty low key. Just a few to keep me going. No sense in paying for electric when the sun is free. I’m no expert, all I do is start them till about a ft or month old then move them out. I keep my head shaved so I’ll save my hair and sprinkle the hair around, then, no joke, pee around it. To help keep animals away. I’ve had some dug up by some critter. Probably the same skunk who bout sprayed me last year when I was feeding


I’m not in a legal state but I built a pretty inconspicuous green house that I believe I can grow in. I’m like you @HornHead I don’t wanna pay for what the sun can do for free

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Well, that’s a lot of questions. Let me address just the seedling part.

I typically sprout my seeds in a paper towel. As soon as they crack I put them in a peat pellet. That’s the expanding little disk. I don’t wait for a root to grow out; I don’t want to break it. I just keep them under a light and a dome of some kind until they have a true leaf or two and put them into a small pot with my choice of putting soil. I use soil with fertilizer and the peat pellet keeps the roots from getting into it until the plant can take some fertilizer.

From there to a 6 or 8 inch pot and then into the ground or a 5 gallon pot if its an indoor plant.

You are totally on point growing outdoors, by the way. Looks like you have plenty of info on that part.

I, too, would avoid pots outdoors. But that’s just a preference. One is as valid as another. I’m in a legal place and grew outdoors last year in rows just like a tomato garden. Tag me if you think I can help.

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TDubWilly, thanks. i didn’t see anything vids on their channel about the beginning indoor but i’ll view for some of their outdoor tips. they sure have some gigantic plants. i’m really not striving for that, but if it happened i wouldn’t cry LOL! i’m just trying to get a reasonable start so i don’t have to pay $30 to $60 for a store bought clone 2" to 4" high. then i figured why not shoot for 2’ indoors.

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HornHead TDubWilly i cannot ever convey the feeling of living in a legal state. not worrying about the government and police coming to take you away, becoming imprisoned and losing 10K to 100K in dollars in legal costs/loss of income. but i’ve never changed since teenager, i cannot believe americans have allowed themselves to be treated as criminals for so many decades for a plant! we have the power to vote these politicians out. in my state there is no party line on marijuana legalization, all the conservatives i know support it too and most use it. i don’t know why/how the media/gov. can influence people so easily to be against it in other states? but advertising works. 3 years back there was a GMO label ballot about 80% approval then in the last 2 months monsanto and other big outside corporations spent a hundred million $ on mostly false deceptive ads, the media played up the (false) negatives and it lost by a few hundred votes. (my next door neighbors childhood girlfriend came to visit from texas. they had a great time and marijuana was a part of it. on leaving he forcefully reminded her not to bring any back and she did check. arriving in TX some was found in a compartment she forgot about. she was arrested and couldn’t make bail money. i don’t how it turned out. this should not happen to americans in any state!)

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on youtube is a guy UptownGrowLab and i saw a vid sprouting in a glass of water. i didn’t know you could do that. (the plants turned out deformed but he said the seeds were given for free and about 5 years old). not sure if there is any connection? i’ve always put them directly in soil, back in school and my first grow in decades last year into soil. i put them directly into Kellog Raised Bed organic soil and maybe that’s why only one germinated and i had to then go buy clones from the store! (UptownGrowLab has so many vids and now i just found some others on germinate and indoor grow. )

i love the fabric pots outdoors. i don’t trust my soil. oregon old town from the 1800s people burned and buried their garbage and hazardous waste (same as today LOL). otherwise i would choose the soil as you do. the fabric pots dry out really fast. last year i did move my plants but i used 30 and 20 gallon. this year i’m using 100 and 85. i’ll have to invent a pot pot plant fork lift to move them. if a normal hand truck had a longer tongue then use cam strap it would work.