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Hi there,

i have never done this before… i have been reading about it but still got a lot of questions… where can i read about the beginning of everything…

i dont have all the equipment so id like to try it outdoor,

I’ve to a plan shot and i cannot find nothing like 1-2-2 or 1-1-2 as i’ve seem here, they all are lot higher… like 10-2-12, what kind of plant need a fertilizer like week so i can go and ask for?
should i buy the MARIJUANA BOOSTER? i didnt want to buy it cause i think it might be a problem to get it here in AUS…

this is it for now…


I don’t think there should be any problem delivering the booster system to you, It is packed somewhat discretely and if anyone asks, it is a specialty tomato fertilizer.

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I hope this works…download this book it’s free by Robert Bergman the owner of ILGM

Here is the link

Robert’s free Marijuana Grow Bible –


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Download the book and read as Garrigan62 says. It will allow you to know what you don’t know to ask the questions you need answered. GL

Thanks Will Do@

Go to home depot are lowes they have whatever u need