Star Wars (no story line revealed)

It was great! 3D, effects, acting (even the robots stole our hearts).

A good head buzz, 3D Imax, and up front close worked for me.

We got there in time for previews, and only the first 2 rows had seats left. Row 2 (never sat that close before)…I have a sore neck, but I have never been so immersed in a movie…it helps not seeing the edge of the screen I guess.

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I had heard the JJ Abrahms, however it is spelled, tried to capture the style and flow of story from the original movies. Can’t wait for it to come out on blu-ray! I have a hard time dealing with crowds, get massive amounts of anxiety and panic attacks lol

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I just watched the movie, again, and enjoyed it, again…this time at home.

I understand your anxiety…I don’t like crowds, love Amazon Prime and store shopping first thing when they open, me and the employees only.

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I ended up buying it digital from Google. The movie definitely pays homage to the original. My only issue is that sometimes the story feels straight copied from the original.

Are Rey and Kylo ren going to be twins? I heard Disney throwing out original starwars canon Some dude has been in charge of keeping the storylines straight for all these years I wonder what he’s gonna do now. Bet he’s pissed lol

Rey and Ben are not twins…pretty sure han and leiah would remember… they might be cousins though… perhaps it was luke who dropped her off on the desolate desert planet…like that which was done to him.

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That’s what I heard from the Star Wars book universe. They had twins and another. But I heard Disney isn’t going to follow old Star Wars canon. U see that snl Kylo ren undercover boss skit. Lmao

And I think obi wan had something going on with some lady. Maybe she’s his grand daughter. Oh well I’ll wait and see

from the beginning I thought luke was probably reys dad,…as the force runs strong in vaders blood lines and she appears to be very strong… but I cant for the life of me figure out why luke would dump her off somewhere… If Obi wan had anything to do with her she would have to be his grand kid I guess…way to young to be his kid

…I’m still stuck on Leia and Luke’s kiss; permanently burnt in my mind…

I didn’t pay too much attention to the new movie. Need to watch again I guess.

maybe a clue in the sand. Like Vader hated tattooine so much he was probably not gonna go there. Hmm let’s think here.