Stalled growth ~ only 2" after 30 days


I began a new grow on August 23, 2021.

8/23/2021 began to sprout the seeds (damp paper towel in a napkin, in a bag, in a dark drawer.
8/27/2021 the plant sprouted
9/4/2021 I put the plant in a cup container and put the plant under an LED grow light (Amazon link)

Since then the plant has grown to a height of 2 inches and just stopped growing. This image is today ( 30 days after starting,

What might I do to promote growth?


  1. Indoor or outdoor? - size of grow? Indoor - 1 plant
  2. Otigin of seeds? ILGM
  3. Regular, feminized, or autoflower? atoflower
  4. Origin of water. PH, EC/TDS of source water? “zero water” filtered tap water
  5. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution? Unknown
  6. Grow method? Soil, Soil-less, Coco, Hydro, Aquaponics. Please explain. Soil. Garden soil in a container
  7. Nutrients or fertilizer system used. none yet
  8. What typr of lighting are you using? LED, HID (MH, CMH, HPS), or Fluorescents? Please elaborate. LED. See link above for exact light
  9. What are the temps in your growspce? Day / Night? @75-77 day and night
  10. What is the RH = relative humidity in your growspace? Day / Night? unsure
  11. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? AC
  12. Do you have a Ventilation system? Size? 4", 6"?no
  13. Co2 Yes / No? What? I don’t know what you are asking.
  14. How long have you been growing? 30 days
  15. What budget have you set in order to grow successfully? whatever it takes!
  16. If you grow hydro, then please explain your hydro method. DWC, R-DWC, Ebb and Flow, Or; Other? Other? N/A
    16b. Size and temperature of solution in reservoir?N/A

I hate to say it but if this is an auto, and already 30 days above soil, I’d probably pull it and start again.

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Couple of questions.

  1. Do you have drainage holes in your container?
  2. Have you given it any nutrients?

It looks a bit droopy, which can indicate over-watering. Which doesn’t really mean you gave it too much water at one time, it means that your soil is never cycling between moist and dry.

Also the yellowing could be a result of overwatering, or maybe a nutrient deficiency. When you say garden soil, can you be more specific? Was it a potting soil, if so what brand? Did you just dig soil out of your garden?

Oh, and I missed that it was an auto. So there is that…

I like to start my seedlings with a root stimulator. Looks like your babies are lacking something. Since you are using garden soil you should/might be good for the first 30 days with no nutrients.
But I’d use some General Hydroponics RapidStart Rooting Enhancer Promotes Root Growth For Seedlings.
Your babies are prone to root rot during early stages of growth.

You’ll want a much better light.


It may be overwatering. If so, the soil should be left to dry out between waterings.


I’m with @Underthestairs if it’s already been 30 days I would start over with autos. Do you have drainage hole in the solo? Looks like over watering

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Here is my deformed runt it has formed 1 big ole bud and 4 smaller. I wouldnt pull it but thats just me.

He said he didn’t use any nutrients at all. Still it should have gotten a little bigger than that :thinking:. Unless there were literally no nutrients in the soil…

Over watering can stall a plant like crazy and eventually kill it. Regardless of the nutes.

I only suggested that I’d pull it because of the cost of running a whole tent. That investment is easy to get frustrated about if it returns the favor with an eighth of dried fluffy buds.

@Underthestairs - If I were a larger grower I’d agree, the investment fir indoor growing can’t be consumed with stalled plants. Being a little guy I just assume try to recover it while I start a new one.

@Maddthumb ~ Interesting, more the reason for me to nurture it along.

@Newt - I did not have holes in the solo. I’ve added them now. BTW, no water seeped out of the solo when I made the holes.

All - The “potting soil” I used was a bagged potting sail made by Miracle Grow. I actually started it in a peat pellet and then moved the peat pellet to the pot with the plant in it.

@oldmarine semperfi - gan you give me a little more details about which LED lamps are good to use. Maybe a brand. There are sooo many LED lights out there that trying to figure out what to use is a nightmare. With cheap lamps and misleading advertising I did my best to pick a good one…maybe not!

@LateNightGardner ! Simple enough. I’ll give it a go!

@Loudman - thanks, please see my response to @Underthestairs above

@MidwestGuy - I just added holes and will let it dry out.

Thank everyone, I appreciate the responses and possible causes. I’ll take action to start a new one and to nurture this one.

I’m interested in hearing what you all consider as “good” LED lights? Any examples would be great!

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If that Miracle Grow is their “All Purpose Garden Soil”, that is for in-ground use, and isn’t the best choice for cannabis. Suggest you might want to try Fox Farms soils. Also did you mix in any perlite? If not, you soil may be very dense and holding onto that water too well.

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My next light will be a HLG. I plan on getting one of their kits.

Can’t go wrong with an HLG. They are some of the best lights around.

If that isn’t in your budget, I’m using a Spider-Farmer SF-2000, and have had good results. Not sure what size space you need to light, but here are results in a 2x4 tent with the SF-2000:
2 days before harvest.

If you are in a smaller tent, they have the SF-1000, which is just a smaller version.

If you have the space and lighting go for it! The rest of the advice you’re getting is gonna carry you quite well on the next seed.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the progress

I’m surprised no one mentioned the biggest problem, your not phing your water lime green is a sign of nitrogen deficiency ,chances are its due to ph being to high an locking it out

@Newt ~ Digging further I decided to cut the bottom of the pot. Yikes, things were VERY moist. Not dripping with water but mushy wet. It was also quite dense, So, I’ll get the Fox Farms soil when I transplant this one and use it in the next grow. As for the light, thanks for the tips…I’ll Check out Spider Farms as well.

@oldmarine ~ thanks for the link, I’ll research and chat with them about selecting the right light for my needs.

@Underthestairs ~ Thanks,I’m looking forward to the next start!

@GreenSnek ~ Thanks for pointing that out. After the soil dries out a bit and if this puppy rebounds then water was the issue. If NOT, then I’ll try to see if recovery may be possible with some nutrients.

Thanks everyone for the tips…Be well!


Good luck, and Happy Growing!

@Richg41 I had a Gorilla Glue do the same thing on my first grow. I started the GG and a GSCE on the same day. The Girl Scout did great, and was almost 10” tall when I transplanted from Solo cup to final pot. The GG was less than 3”, so I dug a hole in the mulch outside and stuck it in the ground. To my surprise it kept growing, and made it to about 13” when it reached about 20% amber trichs and I chopped it. It was only one main cola-nothing else-but it was a nice frosty bud from the ground to the top. It looked, smelled, and tasted great, but the potency was definitely weak. If I had it to do over, I would have trashed it. Too much time, effort, and TLC for a disappointing buzz.