Stalk twisted under soil

This is my first post and first grow so very new to all of this. When I transplanted, I think I planted one of them too deep. The plant is growing far more slowly than the others and when I brushed back the soil, I could see that the stalk is twisted. It does have a decent amount of colas but, because it’s not really growing up, they’re very close together and some lower leaves are yellowing. I haven’t been able to find much advice on this subject. Saw one vid that said it was probably a lost cause but wandered if anyone here had the same problem/ideas on how to fix.

Do you have any pictures of it?


Here are two pics. This is what the stalk looks like when I brush back the soil and what it looks like overall. The stalk is almost flat to the ground and the plant is leaning heavily to the side. Topped it about a week ago and it’s still growing but very slowly.

plantstalkissue2|666x500 plantstalkissue|666x500