Stalk on my 1st plant

This is my first plant to ever grow…

So I have lots of questions?

It is about 60 days old or so and about 3 ft tall, it’s producing lots of small buds and the leaves are now beginning to crystallize, my question is is how thick is a stock supposed to be right now it seems to be about an inch or so thick?

Is that normal?

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Yes that is normal you got any pictures of your baby

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Looks normal??


Yes just has a hell of a stretch on her she will fill in nicely over time And be able to hold up those big flowers looks great

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@Cajunboy777 here was one of mine did the same

and she filled out nice as will yours


I agree with @Hogmaster

Just keep an eye on her if you haven’t had a fan on her. If the stem hasn’t been given some love im the early stages to give it a work out it could have stretched and be a little weak. If she flowers and you do start seeing some bending make sure you support it. That’s worse case scenario though, typically they adapt fast, beef up and overcome. Just keep a close eye :sweat_smile: Happy growing!

is that your new grow room @Hogmaster ?

@Sasquatch No I just got here 5 days ago haven’t even started the room but outside stuff is going


Welcome to the neighborhood!

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