Stake Ties that stop rubbing on Stalks


FYI, I found these foam rubber coated wire ties that protect the stalks from damaging rubbing.
I try to leave my plants out during the day for sun, but it gets windy, so I like them to get a bit roughed up which increases the thickness of the stalks & in theory increases the potential to carry bigger buds, but the ties I was using were wearing into the stalks.
I found these foam coated wire ties that work a treat


Good idea :+1::deciduous_tree:


I give my ladies lots of air movement early and silicate make stalks stronger so rarely need stakes


@Donaldj Silicate, probably should know about this, but dont, please do tell.


are you growing organic? if so you can use diatommacious earth DE if not Potassium Silicate it is in almost everything and much like calcium a building block for structure. Plants given silicate have thicker trunks bark leafs and tend to hold bigger buds Silicate is a structural building block for plants and already there in most soils though not as plant avail as Potassium Silicate


Thanks, I actually use DE to get rid of the fungus gnats, so they have a good dose


the liquid stuff is easier for plants to absorb if you aren’t growing organic it makes a big difference


All organic