Stainless steel grow box

I have a good job that allows me to access high quality polished stainless steel. I turned one in to a grow box. With my own home made light fixture. The plant is amnesia. This one is a clone .


Looks AWESOME dude, great job! I’ll be watching the grow, good luck!

Thank you . 1st time indoors.

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Whether it works or not, I’d love one purely for the aesthetic. Very nice looking rig you have there!

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I have done so much research on grow boxes. I think i figured out a really nice spectrum that i have had a clone root in 3 days.with the 20 gauge stainless steel. I can monitor the uv balance . I use three different light sizes.

With a crazy light cycle with root tech…

That’s a sweet light, I think you may have just started a lighting business without even knowing it, I’d buy one! :wink:


I could build for less then 60$. 85 with the bulbs. I have enough material to make 6 to 8 more.

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What, that cheap!? If u wouldn’t mind, can u explain how exactly u go about making one of these? Seems interesting, just the kinda things I could use.

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Know what to do and the resources i have work make this possible. If not for where i work. They would be about 130$. I have the knowledge so i put it to cheap use.

and this is what you get. Mega light.

Guess I’ll do some light reading. Seems like a good idea to keep something growing inside, that way I don’t have to be totally dependent on the sun.

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What kind of light bulbs are you using? (Brand, wattage, etc.)

I also have a big 200w 8600 lumes. I change in and out of a cycle

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Its all stuff i have at my work plus a few things from home depo. But i roll the light fixture. It was flat


What is going on with my girls

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What exactly am I looking for here? The brown spots on your leaves?

The leaves are curling in on each saw blade.

How much have you watered? Some leaves look kinda overwatered?

I qas thinking that same things. I did something i dont usually do. I gave it two cups of ph water in between schedule