Stainless steel grow box pot transplant

Was seeing bottom fan leaves turning light green and were very easy to pull off. Thought is was nitrogen deficiency. Did a guano boost. 8-1-1 and after someone suggest i go to a bigger pot. So i went from a half gallon to a 2 1/2 pot. My wife picked purple.

Yo dude no offense or anything, but you don’t have to start a new thread every time you update you plant. If it’s the same plant every post, you really should just be updating your first thread with all the new updates. It’s easier to follow your grow and success. Otherwise we have to try to go back and fourth from one thread you made at the beginning to each new thread you’re currently starting. It would just be easier for everyone if you had one thread for each plant, and not a new thread for every update.

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Ok. I didn’t know.

Haha it’s ok man no worries!
It would just make it super easy to follow your whole grow when it’s all together in one thread. If you check out my thread called, Blueberry Clones, you’ll see how I just keep updating it daily as new things are changed or moved or I just want to update everyone.
I know we’ve all been watching your girls grow so it’d be awesome to see it all in one thread!
But hey, if you want to keep making a new thread for each new thing you do, go for it dude! Don’t let me hold you back from doing what you want! I’m just trying to help make it easy on ya and us :v:

No brother. No worries from both sides. Im new to all of this. If it makes things easier for everyone and myself. Thank you… i hope i contribute to all of this. Thank you again.

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