Stainless steel grow box new picss she is a hermi. Heres her seed


Just some updates…


This thing hasn’t grown more the 1 inch in 3 weeks. But in volume it has tripled. I this whole light spectrum is really just right. Im trying to stunt all plant hight to make for energy use for budding . Do tight little mega buds.


One thing I have noticed is LEDs make some very thick foliage and close nodes.
My plants were wider then they were tall and when I swapped them to bud they doubled or tripled in size.


That’s because led lights have a bigger blue and red spectrum output than an hid light, and with a blue spectrum from an led it helps the plants suck up chlorophyll B which will help produce fluffier bigger foliage production, chlorophyll A (put off from a red spectrum) is absorbed at 647-669 nanometers, which is typically a red and orange spectrum (some where around 2700 Kelvin).

If you were to have a darker red led spectrum around 750-775 nanometers that’s a darker red spectrum (2500 Kelvin) and will help start the Emerson enhancement effect, which means it helps speed up seed germination and/or speeds up flower spots and flowering on spot. (Basically what this means is for example out doors nearing end of grow season the light is a stronger red spectrum and less light I.E; hence your plants finish quickly when you decrease light cycle, or when you use a super high pressure sodium (hps)1000 watt or led light with a equal number of multicolored led lights


Would you like to see my light set up


Sure, I’ll check it out, looks lol 2 cfl bulbs 100 watt (26 true watt) with a good on top and 2 leds one on each side probably a 25-30 watt led


No theres way more then it looks



It has the capacity to hold 8 200w cfls. Or i can get 16 leds just ln the fixture. And in i highly reflective stainless steel.


I like the one you have now that’s nice


That’s a cool setup have you tested the lumen out put of it.
I down loaded a few phone apps but they all give a different read out lol
still good to work out lighting heights.
Be very careful with the LED lights I have some that look like yours and they have 240v running to the 2 solder points ether side on the front so if you grab it wrong while the power is on you could get a shock.


A lux meter is 20-40$ on ebay


Need to work on bowney points with the wife then Hehehe


Hahaha, well worth the money you can’t go wrong with them


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So theres an app. ?. Ill check it out thanks. And no ia havent. You guys are a big help


I checked the lux value. It said 10995. And average is 6567. And it fulxuated a little…

. This was the highest it went.


this is the second one.


Lux meters dont work really well with LEDS or that what I read anyways havnt tested it