Stainless steel grow box lux reading

Is that app. Accurate??

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Yea is there anyway to double check that? Do you have an actual lux meter to compare results to?

I ordered one to check it. Ill let you know.

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I just did a baseline test three different light sources it was accurate to a tee on all three i believe this app is accurate.

What’s the app?

I’m goona check it out… I don’t have an actual meter though to verify accuracy.

Ktewwz420 its called luxpro. Look at my new pics outside pics of my indoor planr just took them.


That girl looks perfect

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I read a write up some where about the lux apps and they did readings from the most popular ones and they all read different numbers but they said they were close and if you used them all and averaged them all together funnily enough that number was almost dead on the reading from the real one.


Thats what i did. Like my lights system and three other light sources. I think its good. Not 100% but it lets me know i have some good lighting.

Beautiful plant, man. I love the color and symmetry of it.

Its been fun play ing with the light… it helps it so much. And thank you.