Stagnant clones


Not far off once the lid is down properly. GOOD to hear.


Forgot I’m playing with soil on this one @raustin. What PPM would you be running at this stage??


How old is she?


Easy couple of months. I gave her a dose of worm tea at 740ppm.


I would keep her around 900 to 1000 PPM at her age, so give her a little more.


THANKU. I’m hurting still from killing my kronic expedition. I’m tryn to tread very carefully.


The new batch of juice ended up at 1100. Ph of 5.82. Fingers crossed. GO U LIL BUGGER… GO!!!:muscle::muscle:


@raustin, the above message was in regards to my DWC plant. Sorry bout the confusion. We r looking for 6.5 ph in Soil i believe we r lookn for 6.5 in soil.
@Whodat66 HYPOYHETICAL QUESTION…If I put 6.5 in then get a read of 8ph on the way out. What’s my next step?


@Whodat66 I’ve just put 1100ppm of juice in at 6.3ph and got 5.8 out of drain off. What’s your thoughts??



My thought is “why did you start with 6.3?”, but that is kind of moot :wink:

In my opinion, your soil may be one way or the other ph-wise, but that’s a really small container. If you put 6.5 in it would be best. Be consistent.

I haven’t messed with clones yet, so I’m not sure what difference that might have.


Ok. Kinda thought that .2 off the mark wouldn’t have hurt too much. Should I stick her in her foreva pot asap??? What size u recommend. I will tax your brain power as much as possible m8. Appreciate all criticism as you have the ground to make the calls. I respect that. Cheers again.


I’ve just slipped her into a pot that is bout a foot across and deep. It’s full of composted soil n worms r lovn it. Won’t b much need for juice for a bit I don’t think… the change of pot was well needed as she had filled the last pot with roots. Looks good.


What is the method for testing soil ph/PPM?


Don’t hate me, but I wouldn’t check if I was you :wink: Water with 6.5!!! LOL

But you check the run-off water.


There will b no hating u. I’ve adopted u and @raustin as my coaches. Can’t THANKU enough as the peace of mind makes it a comfortable ride rather than surging on adrenalin.


I’m glad to hear that, @Bubbles1. :kissing_closed_eyes:


@blackthumbbetty @hangthebanksters @elheffe702 @Weedwizard I’m wondering if I chop that growth above the 2 fresh shoots we have there… We might get some action. Roots are in the water and almost to bottom of pot now. They seem good. Actual shoots would be lucky to b 5mm

this photo is a week or so old.DWC THIS ONE. PH IS PERFECT 5.8 AND PPM NOW 850


NO!!! You have no leaves left. You need leaves. I think that is why some cloners don’t snip the whole leaf, but just the tips.

If you saw roots when you transplanted, be patient. They need to stretch and establish themselves. That is where the plants energy is going now.


That’s what I needed to hear. Patience is not my virtue. The root growth told me to leave as is. THANKU.