Staggering Auto Grows


I’m starting a second White Widow auto grow. I bought 10 autos and all 10 are working. After day 25 of my first grow, I decided to start a second.

Day 4


10 hell yeah!! I got 10-9 goin


Auto ak (obi one -my only hope :joy:) about two weeks since germ? Going super hands off this time. I peek once a day to make sure it’s not messed up.


She looks great!!


On one of the first true leaves looks like two of the leaves grew as one. Weird. I’ll get a pic. Should have done that anyway. Experimenting with butter doseages. Lol


What are butter doses? I’m ordering the 3 fox farms granules today to boost my buds. Have you used that?


Lol. Doses of weed butter I made. Eating increasing amounts. Never tried but would like to. I just have it in ff ocean forest. And plain water for now. Have dynagrow grow and bloom will start up when it’s bigger. Looking for a way to tighten up my buds last time kinda floofy.


1 week