St. Louis peeps... good grow supply stores?

Taking a trip to the Lou here real soon… looking for a great growers supply store up there with nutrients, Ph down, and all sorts of stuff…

Any recommendations for places like that, with good variety and service?

When I do a Google search, I mostly get dispensaries.

Thanks in advance folks!

Try not to double post please.

Sorry im no help with ur inquiry tho. @Midwestnewbie @MidwestGuy maybe up around you

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Not from STL so can’t be of much help. Have you searched on hydroponic stores?


Did I double post that? My apologies… I didn’t mean to. It seemed like the first try didn’t post. ?

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I have… that’s what I’m looking at right now. I found maybe one that looks promising… Happy Hydro?

It’s my first foray into finding an actual grow store… I usually purchase what I’ve needed so far online.


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I’ve never used a retail store. I get everything I buy from Amazon or directly from manufacturers’ online sites. A lot of folks here talk up the hydro stores though.

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put grow stores in st. louis in the google search.

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Yes, doing that now… and seeing several of them out there. Thanks.

I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experiences, preferences or suggestions before I go traveling to a dozen different places.


In and around Columbia there are several. One I like is east of there called grow depot 1902 old hwy 40 get off 70 at exit 137 & on north side of hwy kinda hidden put it in yer phone it will take you there. nice young couple opened up 4 or 5 months now I think. and in Columbia there are 5 or 6 more. I’d like to open one in the N.E. Mo. area but kinda to old for that now, Hell I’d just give it away anyhow not much of a bussiness kinda guy.


Indoor Grower Supply in Springfield is a pretty good place.

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St. Louis hydroponics, the old worms way. Great folks.


I’ll check out our next time I’m up that way, thanks!

Awesome. Yeah I’ve heard good things about Worm’s Way. I’ll check those out… thank you!!!

Used them as WW in the 90s, still trucking decades later just new name. Best of luck. Enjoy the trip.

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Thank you! Yep I’m not too far from Springfield… about an hour and a half, so next time I go up there I’ll check that out as well.

Thank you! I plan on it! :grin: Should be a fun few days.

Oh, they also have free compost tea. If you bring two 1 gallon jugs you can fill them. It loses some effectiveness after 12 hours or so but if you go there before your road trip why not!

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