!st indoor grow always outside before

!st indoor grow. Started two ww autos on 2-2-2020 and placed into 4 gal pots on 2-10-2020 .Seedlings were 3 in. or so tall and are forming second set of leaves roots coming out of peat pots so cut pots off and planted in new home. growing conditions are Temp at constant 76 F. Humidity controlled at 55 %. Current lights are 100w daylight led at 4 IN from top of plant.Grow box is 2 x 2 lined for reflection. Soil PH at transplant was 6.4. Buried seedlings to just below leaves but not touching soil. So a couple questions. I will be using a Vipraspectra 600 W donated light, How soon should I start using it and also I am worried about CO2. Room has normal circulation with furnace blower. Should I try to give it fresh air once in a while. Have an available window can be opened. Concern is Temp change when open . Ohio temps right now at 30 and room temp at 76. Possible shock or could I get away with 5 or 10 minutes air time?Would send pics but no smart phone as I am a tech dinosaur.

Welcome. You can use your vipraspectra 600 soon I would start out at about 27 inchs with. Veg switch only on. Keep an eye on how they respond and adjust accordingly.

Any thoughts on the CO2 and possible temp change shock if I open the window or will there be enough CO2 in the air naturally

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Are you planning on using a tent? Or a small grow room inside house. If so. Most people will use a exhaust fan. In top of tent open pass through hole at bottom of tent . Exhaust fan will pull hot stale air out top of tent and exhaust outside at the same time with negative pressure inside tent. Will pull fresh air through open hole at the bottom. Natural air will be good. Hope that helps.

Using a 2x2 grow box to intensify light. Since they are autos Im not worried about light leaks therefore box has 4 in tall screen at bottom all the way around and 6 3 x 4 openings at the top so I think I should be okay then .Used the box for growing pepper plants during the winter in same room and they did quite well. That gave me the idea to try this. Guess I will give it a go and see what happens. Thanks for the help.

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I think you will be fine. I would add a small 6-inch fan inside just to move a little air around.