SSH yellow fan leaves

Went to turn on the lights today and noticed yellowing leaves. What can be causing this?

Using organic Miricle grow
Rain water to water with
Average of 77 in the room during the day
HPS ballast for light

Anyone who pops in to help is gonna want to know your ppm and pH of run off. pH of water going in etc… Need little more info to get you a good answer. And check that miracle grow soil for time released nutrients. Miracle grow generally a no no.

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Ppm? And I don’t have a kit to test PH arum off yet. How would I check from miracle grow releasing nutrients? Thanks! I’m new to this and trying to save em!

I’m not sure of the “organic mg”, but if it’s got time release fertilizer like their other soils, then that’s a problem.

Do your buckets have lots of drainage holes?
Do you let your plants dry between watering, or are they constantly wet?

Without pH or ppm results, it’ll be a stab in the dark.

I’m guessing potassium deficiency and possible magnesium deficiency. Some of that may be from using rain water (which is usually stripped of most nutrients), and or lockout from the mg soil.


I for one don’t need to know your Ph or PPMs
What I do see is the start of a magnesium deficiency based on those few leaves.
Grab some epsom salt and add 1tsp per gallon of water when you feed her.
Just read the bag the miracle grow came in and look for key words like time release or wetting agents. If they are that type it can cause issues throughout the grow but nothing that can’t be managed.
Keep and eye on that look and if it’s spreading let us know after watering with epsom salt added to feed.

What do you plan on using for nutrients on the near future that you will need to provide them to be able to complete the grow as the soil in there now won’t get you to the end.

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Looks like a mag. Deficiency

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A good ph meter and reference solution to calibrate your ph meter is a must have don’t be cheap on this
You need a matt or bigger bucket to catch the run off and can check out the ph there or buy a matt that goes on the inside of a tent to protect your carpet
Hope this helps you and good luck with your grow

You don’t need all that if you grow in living soil.
Been done that way for thousands of years.
All the chemical ways of growing complicate this shit that’s supposed to be much easier we just seem to want to complicate it by not growing in living soils.
How much do you have to do in your outside garden assuming your not using chemicals to grow but earths natural components…

Ph Ppm run off dam it all lol

Ok but what do you do when your tap water is 7 to 8.3 ph

There is an in side and an out side of the equation.
Simply add some citric acid to the feed (in) and adjust if necessary which most cases isn’t with living soils as the critters in the soil do the heavy lifting. I feed them aerated compost teas above Ph 8 all the time with no ill effects. I will ph adjust water and minor mixes if it’s too high but everything I’ve read with a healthy soil it isn’t all that necessary

All the extra stuff come down to how your soil was made (buffering capacity) and how you feed the critters…natural or salt based chemical nutrients

Yes i agree alot for outdoor but indoors even at the regenerative cannabis conference i went to they said that living soil in a 5gal air pot is very hard to do because not enough room and most of the nematodes and other beneficals ened up eating themselves and dying off before harvest and recommended a building with a dirt floor to plant directly into that and the more shit they keep putting in the water is crazy

Hence why brewing teas with those critters throughout the grow keep things going
Take some worm castings and molasses as a minimum and water will do this for supplementing the critters populations

That’s cool i don’t do that i add molasses to a water tank for my garden here and there with alfalfa and barely in it but that’s about it

And for those that don’t use living soil will still have to ph their water

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Yep and do all the other extra things needed to maintain healthy plants and all the added costs associated with that.
Many roads to the same destination.

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