SSH pruning during flowering?

Hey guys, I’m new to growing and was hoping you could help guide me! These are my 3 Super Silver Haze plants. We just switched to 12:12 for light, (HPS ballast for lighting, rain water for watering, indoor grow with 10 ft ceilings, reflective white walls)

I’ve been reading a bunch on pruning and trimming leaves/branches during this stage of growth. We have decided since we have 10” ceilings we do not want to bend or crop these ladies unless absolutely necessary. Can anyone guide me into where I should be pruning? These are pics of my 3 ladies.

Those don’t need any pruning. The purpose of pruning is to increase the air flow through the plant. Yours has plenty of that


While the stem is still soft, you should bend those over and tie to pot. Multiple colas

She looks like she is stretching to find more light

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You could have 20 foot ceiling but the problem is the sun isn’t inside for lighting.
You’ll want to train those dragons to get the most from them.
Look on YouTube for pigeon420 there are several good videos on training plants and defoliating them.

Hope this helps and HAGD

We are using a HPS ballast with a 240 wat bulb. I can not have it closer to these ladies or the leaves burn. Have you guys grown SSH before? I’d love to see your grown so we can learn more!!! I am not interested in tying them down yet since they have so much room to still grow before they reach the light.

What lights do y’all use for growing?

HLG quantum board leds

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Tie those mothers down
LST will get you more yield
I use Quantum boards and photo boost strips
The light you have I suspect isn’t enough to cover all 3 well and I do see stretching (big gaps between nodes)
By tying them down and getting the sites that turn into buds on same level allows lights to be lower for more even coverage across those bud site.
When grown outside with the sun you can grow them like a Christmas tree like I see in the picks

You asked for advice and we are doing our best to help.
Up to you.
I do have a SSH in veg right now but regardless of strain when growing indoors most of them produce best by doing LST and tying those mothers down.
Before and after LST and tie downs

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