SSH Harvest timing


Another harvest question. To me, these look mostly cloudy, and in some cases slightly amber. The amber ones are really on the tiny leaves at the tips of the bud, so I don’t think they count any more than an indicator.

8 weeks into flowering. Super Silver Haze. I cut watering three days ago and was thinking about harvesting in about another week (end of September). Guidance on outdoor SSH is mid-October, which is why I’m asking here.


yea,looks as if it could use another week…lol maybe more
keep your eye on her,she will tell you when she is ready…lol
looks great by the way!!


I’m with @BIGE Right now it’s a great day time smoke in a week or two it will be a better day time smoke :dash:


wow looks great but also could use another week or two. good luck


They look great. Mine are right there too. Can’t wait to harvest, good luck!



If you post one or two of the trichome pic separately (one per post) we can use the site zoom to take a better look.



Sorry, I can zoom into each photo so I wasn’t aware they needed to be posted separately. Here’s one, and I’ll follow with another.



And FWIW, I’m definitely more of a heady high than I am couch-lock style. So early but mature is my goal.


You aren’t too far off. I do have a question. In both of those pictures I see some really dark areas that look a bit suspect to me. Take a closer look at them and be sure you aren’t getting rot.

I will download circle and repost them in a sec @nostril

disclaimer. My eyesight is not so good so please take a closer look at the actual plants to be sure.


Here is what concerns me on the first pic.

Actually the second pic, it is because of the reflection of the LED lights. In the future, white or natural light for those pics, please.




@bob31 Sorry, my magnifier isn’t big enough to capture natural light. I have to use the built-in LED for now. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.


Yeap, I have concern too @bob31, this one too

Hoping that we are wrong :hushed::frowning::innocent:

Otherwise, I see a few clear trichomes , mostly are cloudy and milky and no or very few amber one , so … I’m with @Hogmaster and @BIGE, another week or two but since you do not search couchlock and more heady effects and if rot is beginning, you can harvest now and you have a decent smoke…


I will check those out more closely later today when I’m down at the garden. If I do see signs of damage or potentially rot, I’ll try to get better photos.

For what it’s worth, I’m in a very dry climate here and there has been no rain at all through the growing season, so I didn’t consider that I might be at risk for mold.


I’m with @BIGE I would give at least another week if not more pistols should be red or brown at least 70% of them then check tricombes thadt how I judge anyway.
Good call BigE


It’s probably just a dark leaf then @nostril but with all the bud rot going on everywhere, I would not feel right if I didn’t ask you to take a look at it.


Your helpfulness is much appreciated, @bob31 and the rest of the crew. I checked the buds and I do not think I have a rot problem. The darkness on the tips is a purplish color, but the plant material looks healthy. Other photos of SSH show some propensity at purple hues in the buds. Is it possible that’s all I’m seeing?


I have a blueberry that at frist I thought it was bud rot also, but when checking it was just turning blue and purple. the rain this summer is taking its tolls on many growers plants. just keep a good eye on them. im ready to go sleep with mine. don’t want to leave them at all. them two legged varmitt’s hat you have to watch out for.


I don’t know. I’m second guessing myself, of course. Here’s an unmagnified bud close-up. I’ve highlighted some of the tips. Maybe they are brown after all.

Here’s the whole plant, which I didn’t support and is starting to fall over from the weight of the buds. I’ll support next year.

My other smaller plant has similar buds with brownish purple tips. I wonder to some degree if it is not cold damage - we’ve been getting as low as 40F some nights and I know SSH is a more tropical variety. Days are hot, though. We also went through a week of 110F so who knows what that did to the plants.


Depending on strain colder temps will bring out colors and shouldn’t effect the quality of the smoke
@nostril I’m guess that’s all it is