SSH flower week two

Girls at two weeks flower

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Looking good!! my gsc are at 1 week of flower

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That’s a great bunch of gals

Are you growing in coco?? And soon im gonna start a pc grow ladys finish flowering currently on week 6 but can i visibly see thrichomes i also have a loupe if it helps

No just a simple set up under 8 CFLs in two gal fabric pots with organic soil. Hoping all our plants turn out well.

Flyer … Your SSH look really pretty. I’m growing several outdoor this year and just now getting ready to plant my seeds.

Dopekyza … What strain in GSC? I love your camouflage … is that your back yard and are you planting directly in the ground or in pots? Camouflage is very important to me as I grow outside as well and I need the plants to blend in with the foliage behind them. Your plants are already really big!

Good job … keep up the great work!


Gsc is abbreviated for girl scout cookie and no that is not my backyard thats near some rice fields in the country and I have the plant you see in the picture in a 10 gallon bucket with fox farms ocean forest soil . They are in the first week of flower ,thanks for your comments!! @MT1