SSH flower week 4

Guess they are looking ok. Maybe a little thin?

Started Tiger Bloom( all I could find locally) 10 days ago.

Might need to raise lights a little higher (8 100w equivalent CFLs


How tall are these plants?

Noo @Flyer keep those CFLs as close as possible without burning your plants!
You want them close! Specially the CFL bulbs.


Average 18-22 inches, the shortest around 16 tallest around 24.

Ok, lights stay put! :+1:


That’s awesome, good luck with the rest of your grow! Keep posting, I’d love to watch



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I am always amazed at how some ppl can grow such happy plants under cfls well done.

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Yes, this is such a cool grow. I need a veg room but I’m poor. This may be the answer. Thanks for the inspiration. :slight_smile:

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Where do you get your sockets from ?

Quad sockets on eBay. I’ve got two quads running 8 100w equivalent cfl’s. Throw away aluminum pans for reflectors and underneath fabric pots. My whole setup including fabric pots sockets and bulbs less than 40 bucks. Prolly expand to led for next grow.


Home Depot also carries these sockets. As well as others.

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Thank you, I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

Thank you, exciting possibilities. Yup, me too. When I have cash I’m getting an led.

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I get the sockets and y adapters from Lowes and they are very cheap under $2.00 a piece.

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Yea seen the sockets and Y’s at HD and Lowes but not the quads, at least not locally. The quads are great in that they already have sockets for 4 bulbs, and cord with switch. I just cut a hole in an aluminum pan and doubled it up. Prolly get another set of quads and switch to led’s next grow. Right now only using less than 200 energy watts, should be able to double my output and half my energy costs.

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Oh cool that’s in my price range. :slight_smile: thanks.

Hey, already with cord and switched, I’m sold. Thank you for that.