SSH First Grow-DIY setup

Yea yea yea!! Finally got my seeds today!!!

Starting the germination this evening.

Starting with 5 seeds in storm shelter under the stairs about 2x4 ft ( 60x120cm) space.

Will be using jiffy pots in a starter greenhouse to germ, transplant to 4 inch peat pots with natures care organic potting soil then growing 2 gal fabric pots same soil.

Will be starting with one quad socket 100 watt(23w) (400 total) CFLs then adding a second set of quad same as growth expands (800watts total CFL).

Surrounding walls/floor with silver mylar and reflecting the lights and under pots with large aluminum throwaway pans.

All supplies less seeds cost around $50usd. Timer, cords, fan etc already had.

My first go at it so from time to time will be posting updates.


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My only suggestion so far is: You may want to pick up some seed starter mix. Use that in your 4" pots. Potting soil may be too hot for young seedlings. By using seed starter mix, eliminate the possibility of nutrient burn. Happy growing.

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Thanks for the ideas squish!

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latewood, wilco thanks for the heads up.


My first start

Well , 5 days no signs of life. Seeds in pellets have been hydrated the entire time, temps 75f. No idea.

patient’s itll take 2-4 days to sprout. then push their way up to the surface

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Thx hammer :+1:

just a quck thought watch ur temps 74-78 F i like .

So my first try didn’t work so well but my second started 4 weeks ago got 4 out of 5 to germinate and start growing
Now I’m seeing lower yellow leaves. They’re exposed to the light but are turning yellow and and then shriveling.
Growing the the potting soil and haven’t added any nutrients just water. Temps are 75 and humidity about the same.
Just added a second set of quads to see if it’s a light problem 18/6 schedule.

I don’t know anything about your type of lighting but I do know your humidity is too high …keep it 40 - 60%

What’s your runoff pH?

Hi, When the small first leaves (cotyledons ) start to turn yellow that means that the plant needs a feed Don’t feed them at full strength start at 1/4 of what your fertilizer suggests you can put it up when the plant needs it.

Take care.


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So I know I should provide more than just basic info when asking for advice but my grow and expectations are fairly simple.
I’m just happy I got 4 out of 10 seeds this far.
I went ahead and started with 1/4 strength of 2/2/2 organic grow solution and plants are looking healthy now.

So looking at the bottom of pots looks like it’s time to transplant them. Not sure if I’ll leave them in the peat pots or tear them away but hope that goes well.

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Transplanted the ladies in peat pots directly to fabric because didn’t want to disturb the roots coming through and we’re starting to fall apart anyway. Already looking nice and lively.

Looking good.