SSH auto... no density or size, really nothing to harvest, is this plant a dud?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“SSH auto is coming up on day 80 from germination, flowers are visible, but not developed, maybe the size of olives. Should I be concerned? What is the average time from germ to harvest for this strain? I understand, that looking at the trickes is a determining factor on readiness for harvest, my problem is, it’s nearing day 80 and there is no density, no real bud growth, just flowers, airy, and scattered. No density or size, really nothing to harvest, is this plant a dud?”

  • Strain (type, bag seed): s.s.h. fem auto
  • Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: soil: ffof
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: na
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: 2 tsp per gallon: ff tiger bloom and 2tsp per gal big bloom (p.h. at 6.5)
  • Indoor or outdoor: indoor (tent)
  • Light system, size?: 2 x mars hydro 300 and 3 x 42 watt daylight cfl.
  • Temps day, night: 70 day 60 night
  • Humidity day, night 50 day 40 night
  • Ventilation system (yes/no, size): yes 2 x 4 inch exhaust and 1 x 8 inch carbon filter
  • AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?: him if during veg, nothing now.
  • Co2 (yes/no): no

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What is your light cycle she just looks like a slow grower to me it looks very healthy when you say you’re at 80 days I’ve had this issue with one I’ve had going for four months but completely different strain let me see if I can get some more help for you @garrigan62 @Donaldj @Majiktoker @Aquaponic_Dumme @bob31

this is a bit cooler than i would want in flower 76-78f day would help
And 80 days is just a kinda a rough estimate time line some plants do take longer as well I notice you are not checking run off ph this can be a huge factor since typically you adjust water ph to get right run off ph this is what your roots live in or close to it. Simply guessing that what you put in is what they get rarely is right answer ph of soil changes as plants grow with residual nutrients and natural decay.


@Donaldj has you in good hands, just want to point one thing out they do look like they have a slight nitrogen toxicity problem as well which could be what your feeding her has a high nitrogen level, or donaldj is spot on


Thanks bud I suspect the ph itself would lead to the high N too but nice catch there definitely is signs of hooking excess N :slight_smile:


My pleasure buddy otherwise looks like you got this one :smile:

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Thanks fellas

@Donaldj @Majiktoker @Hogmaster

Stupid noob question, but what is the high N that you guys are talking about?

High nitrogen

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Thank you!

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My pleasure not a problem

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The “clawed” leaves with the cupping and the slow growth of the plant would indicate nitrogen toxicity… But our awesome ILGM Volunteers and Moderators already picked up on that. :upside_down:

Plant foods and soils are always measured in N-P-K Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium these being the major building blocks for plants followed by calcium and other micro nutrients and metals :wink:


These slightly lower temps dont hurt the plant but it sure slows the veg grow quite a bit…
I will be harvesting my WWauto around 120 days from germination…
They look great, just took their time :wink:

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Hey thank you for your time, thank you everyone.
So I gave it a good watering plain distilled water 6.5 oh. No nutrients, tested the runoff, 5.75.
I also stuck a soil probe into the soil, reading is 6.65.
I don’t think soil p.h. is the issue.
I realized I was giving it nutrients every feeding.
As far as the temp goes, I killed one of the 4 inch turbo exhausts . Should bring ambient temp up about 5 to 10 degrees.
I’m going to back off the nutrients, probably flush it in a week or two.
Also considering topping the buds, don’t know about that though, considering the slower growth my girls are experiencing.
I’m on a 16 -8 light cycle.
I will keep you guys posted with new pics in a week.
Thanks again . You guys definitely rock.

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You are correct you can grow in cool temps but growth rates drop drastically and some strains are less suited for cold and absolutely hate it I grow indica dominant strains for that reason a hot day for me is in the low 30c high 80’s and most of the year it’s in the - temps. Much like you if I recall so I am not saying that having temp at 70 is terrible just that it slows growth and isn’t the ideal temp. When a timeline is suggested for a strain it is based on plant under optimum conditions :wink: proper feeding and RH and temps with an auto all of these things hold even greater importance because you can’t veg longer to compensate. If you make mistakes with reg or fem plants they simply get more veg time with an auto they start flower when they want

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You are exactly right, I am adding 3-4 weeks to autoflower estimated time to harvest…
My photos had adjusted wonderfully and gold leaf is growing to the sky :wink:, but yes, they grow much slower at the beginning especially…well I got them through low 30’s many days…

10 days now, the veg growth is exploding, flower growth minimal, as far as the “clawed” leaves, it’s just that one plant, I noticed the leaves right under the fan, maybe has something to do with it.
So we are at around 100 days, vegetative growth exponential , flower growth minimal, I am scratching my head here.

Sorry, were at roughly day 90 from germination, day 50 in flower.