Ss2442 Grow of 9#H, ZSK & WB

Im in the southern interior of BC.

There is actually only 1 spectrum of light and an infinite amount of frequency, of which we see and understand a very narrow margin, and plants use a chunk of that spectrum as well.

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Yup…thata the glowy spectrum right? LoL :rofl:


Ontario outside of London

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My condolences

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What is cct on the lights? You could probably do alright running 2 per 1.5 square feet.

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Sorry what is cct I took a pic of the info on the light itself the box is no where to be found.
They were purchased in bulk by a happy thumbed virtual shopper.
They came to me in a plastic wrap with no info just saw they were LED and offered cash.
They are used at the doors of a large garage and it lights up a 60 by 25 foot space with the 2 units and the 6 panel’s positioned accordingly.

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inside the tent pics yellowing is slowing they appear to be a little better off no sign of any bugs so far…
The two 9lbs have seemed to jump up with the sun and being dragged into another room that is out of the frost and has a much warmer temperature that outside at night but is still dark for the night time hours.

Correlated color temperature. It’s basically a number indicating color of light emitted. Won’t be on label for electrical power information.

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Unknown unfortunately best I can offer is a picture of it when its on, not sure how useful that is but I’m more than willing to.

If i seen in person I could probably guess fairly close. Unfortunately the true colors don’t usually process through pictures that well. Does the light look like a really sharp blueish white, or more of a yellow to orange?

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Well the plants in the top pics look very healthy and happy… good morning I wasn’t in much yesterday…hope all is well

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It’s a bright intense white light can’t really notice a blue or orange .

Thank you, there is another frost tonight so I will be putting everything back in tonight for sure and they will stay there untill harvest.

None of the plants seem to have any mites or webs. Ill be pruning again tonight after everything is in the tent.

I will also take some pics with the additional light source @dbrn32 I’m using it from the side as to expose more of the plants to the light.


Pruned off a handful of yellow leaves today from the ladies in the tent. Had the additional light running for 10 of the 20 hrs the lights were on.

Has anyone heard of using a probiotic yogurt mixed with water and eggshells and fruit to feed their plants.
A local grower swears by it and says she gets at least 8 to 10 inches of growth from doing it…

I have read that the probiotic can help neutralize the soil but I’m not sure on its application as food, if all of that is blended up together how far off from compost is it?

Everyone’s in the tent another fan and the additional light source.
They have been inspected for bugs with magnifying glasses so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: we are back on track here…
Thank you to all that have helped so far especially @LoCoRock for commenting and following along.

Please continue to critique and question WTF are you doing or why did you do that as this guy is flying by the seat of his pants with some experience in watching these types of things be done by other people. I will go through my photos and put up my first plant that I grew and had 0 idea I was dealing with a critical mass cross that was an autoflower in a totally hand made tent style closet that went very well and launched me into doing the full tent to help with my prescription costs.

A humble Canadian is eternally grateful for your guidance and expertise…

@Cannabian I’ve gotten my hands on some seeds, any one care to share a secret on how they get their seeds to start.

I had a small box with a heating pad and used soil in red solo cups, with small strip lights and LED over each cup.
My success rate regardless of sex of plant was brutal i went 11 for 80, 6 of those 11 were male.
I have access to 2 live well style containers that Im sure I can retro fit into a hydroponic set up.

But im unsure if moving from a start in hydro then throwing them into to dirt is 1 a good idea, 2 a common practice to change grow mediums.

My plan is to harvest the tent, drop seeds in late February and then put put what was in the tent, then restart the tent while I have the February drop taking advantage of our grow season.

The best way, in my opinion, is to start in peat based soil product, promix hp is perfect. Pre moisten the material so its damp, no water comes out if you squeeze it. Place seed on top of soil medium and place 1/4 inch of the same material over top of the seed. Water the seed very gently. Place plastic cup over top or use cellophane over cup to retain moisture. Ventilate daily once or twice for good measure. Keep cup and soil between 75 and 80 f. No light is required if no plant is above ground. Once the seed is sprouted provide light. Do not feed seedling until second set of true leaves are visible, then only feed very light, like 1/4 strength of whatever your using. Stay with feed, water, feed. You will only need to water sparingly once or twice a week to start and once the plant is showing root out the bottom of the cup or whatever you are sprouting in… transplant into nursery bought super soil mixed 1 part to 4 parts pro mix. Seems to be the magic number. You wont need feed for 4 or 5 weeks or until the roots hit the side of the pot. At which time you may elect to pot up with more supersoil primix? Plant as you would any plant outdoors when ready.

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If you look on the aquaponics thread they talked about "dual roots zones " basically having a grow bag on top of hydroponics media. That might be the best way to switch.

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Oh so you want to move a hydro plant to soil? Ive done it, not so easy. Really shocky. I think its best to start over or take clones.