Squeezing in an early crop

Summers are rough here. (Fl)
Humidity, mold, bugs, daily rain.
It’s best to avoid having plants budding in August or September.
I germinated a photoperiod plant indoors at the beginning of February and put it outside as soon as it came up. It acts just like my autoflowers. As of today it is 3 feet tall and covered in nice buds.
I should get a decent harvest before the days are long enough to make it reveg.
In mid August I’ll start the next grow with just enough time to finish before 1st frost.
I don’t need or want giant plants, or lbs of flower.
If 3’ plants are all you need it works well.


I do the same every year, but usually with clones.

I harvest around late April to mid May.

Oh my,you have me thinking about Ft Walton beach…Pensacola,Destin…the horror…the horror
Anyways,I get it. This year I put out seeds on Feb15 in Thunderdome,for scientific purposes. Morbid curiosity. And the ladies are still going strong-no sign of sex yet.
But yes,next year,for breeding- I will be starting indoors,then outside in January for breeding purposes.
Thanks for the reminder.

I am in California/South of San Francisco.

SL out.

If I tried that here my plants would be buried in snow, no sun and well below freezing. I need big plants because I can only get 1 crop a year.


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Looking fat, it should fatten even more with a couple of weeks and if you stop watering it should start drying itself