Square or Round buckets for RDWC?


I’m looking at ways to improve my system and I started looking at larger buckets. Currently I’m using 5 gallon round buckets, I’ve been looking online at some 8 gallon square buckets. So I’m curious to other peoples thoughts?

Does square buckets save space?


If you are letting your plants get large square buckets will not really save any important space,by that I mean you will need space between the buckets regardless of the shape of the bucket but if you are doing SOG where you are flowering many small plants the square buckets would allow you to squeeze in as many plants as possible.


I used to do a one plant two bucket system, but it took up too much space. All together it held about 10 gallons of water maybe 11. So I wanted to find a single bucket that would hold more water and fill my needs. I know the 8 gallon square buckets you’re talking and used it on my last grow trying to move to a one bucket system. It just didn’t hold quite enough water for my like. Since then I have moved up even more, I have a single 13 gallon bucket. This system when full should hold at least 11 gallons in one bucket. Now, is this 13 gallon bucket larger than a 5-gallon bucket? It is but all in all it’s not that much bigger, a little bit wider and a little bit taller.

Already been circulating water around it checking for leaks and I’m leak free, and I will probably be dropping beans on the 25th

Here is the 13 gallon bucket and you can see it’s not like it’s massive compared to a 5 gallon bucket


You may find that on a square bucket, you possibly can get a better seal. I’m like @TDubWilly, bigger is better. Of course, mine is bigger than his. I use 20gal trash cans. 2 for plants, one for reservoir.


I have round buckets and I would recommend using square buckets for seal integrity as well as @Grandaddy013 stated.